El Chapo is captured. Politicians scrambled!

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El Chapo has been the main ring leader in bribery and extortion of our very great leaders holding political offices. Should I cut to the chase?!! Fine; Waters, Pelosi, Schiffs, H.C., B.O., H.W.Bush; and their criminal gang of drugs and child-trafficking from Mexico to America.



Please take what you need from this video and leave the rest to dust. I hope there was something meaningful here. We are all here to learn and evolve.



Never undermine peeps that don’t seem to make too much sense. We get them..

You Changed This from the First Thing You Said, I saw the first One it was pretty good.

@stokjockey! I’m weird like that. Sometimes full of informative information to nothing but a laughing stock. I can’t help this camellion in me. I’m extremely complicated. But I’m aware of my world and my moral compass.

I do my very best to keep lite of most things in my post because I do know how dark and evil our world is. But sometimes important information leaks...I can’t help myself.