Week of 08/26 Group Podcasts and YT Video Creator Sign Ups!

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What are we looking for??? Some dedicated and outgoing people to help spread our effort into the podcast and video realm! Please read the information below and signup if you are interested.

Weekly Group Podcast Signup


  • For the people signing up to be on the group podcast you will need a gmail account and google chrome in order to use google hangouts(make sure you have this setup before coming on).

  • The weekly group podcasts will happen on different days at 7PM CST to 8PM CST, and last for a little over an hour(can go on longer if necessary).

  • There SHOULD be at least 2 people on each weekly group podcast, preferably 4 to 5. If there is a weekly podcast where more than 5 people want to come on then it will have to be longer than an hour so everyone gets time to talk. There may be a time where schedules conflict and the group podcast has to be hosted by just one person.

  • @truthforce will be hosting every podcast to start things off, and at a later time may have a secondary person who can host in case I am not available.

  • Format of the podcasts will cover recent news that we think is important to talk about or interesting, as well as having interviews with others and the projects they are working on.

  • As we do these podcasts all suggestions to improve will be taken into consideration, so please feel free to suggest things.

  • Signups - Will have a weekly post on the IW account where interested people can signup for the podcast in advance.


We are all aware of the censorship happening across social media platforms and in order to grow and expand our influence strategically, it is important that we do not break the rules of Youtube/Google Hangouts and other platforms. Swearing and 18+ langauge is of course allowed. Abiding by Youtube's rules, there can be no racist langauge/homophobic langauge/calls to violence/etc. Remember, this effort is to build up Truthseekers and battle back against the MSM narrative, there are other places that are Free Speech platforms like Voat/Gab/Steemit. We have to build a prescence on other platforms because that is where all the people are(currently at least).

  • Be excellent to eachother while on the podcast, there are probably a lot of us who disagree on many topics but our common cause of Freedom/Liberty/Smaller Govt/ Less Taxes/ Free Speech/Rights/etc is what brings us all together in this group. Lets keep that in mind when we talk with eachother about ideas and not take things personally if things get a bit heated, though I am personally not worried about anyone in this group raging out at anyone because I have seen how great you all are over the past year on Steemit :)

Youtube Solo Video Creators/Podcasters

  • Signed up so far - @truthforce @gregorypatrick

  • We are also looking to bring on a few dedicated people to create videos and podcasts in a solo format, as in just yourself! If you are more of a person who doesn't want to get into a large group chat this may be right for you!

  • Compensation - Solo video creators and solo podcasters will be compensated for their work. We have sponsorships/referral programs/patreon/direction donations setup that will be the source of revenue for our Youtube project. This will be split between content creators depending on how much work/how well their content does, and at a base level all content creators who contributed something during a month will be given a set % based on how many videos they created(details to be written down in an upcoming post).

  • Looking for people to make 5 to 10 minute videos 3 or 4 times a week, to be uploaded to the official YT channel of the group and other platforms. These videos could be screen recordings, or voice over videos you put together clips of.

  • Looking for people to create solo podcasts 30 to 60 minutes 1 or 2 a week, to be uploaded onto the official YT channel of the group and other platforms. These podcasts can be audio only with a static background image, or can be done with a webcam where you are talking to the viewers.

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Hi, I would like to sign up for both group and solo podcasts. Fake Internet News with Tony Castelluci. I even have stupid news intro music!


:) love the username!

Are you on our discord?Send me a mssage on there and we can get more details going :)


Thanks I got lucky and have that name across several platforms. Perfect for my sense of humor and sense of justice.

OK, I'll reach out on discord!

The more the better guys for sure. It really does help get people to actively follow you here and get extra support, I can attest to that.

I'll have to check my schedule and my laptop for the Google Hangouts.


I'll have to check my
Schedule and my laptop for
The Google Hangouts.

                 - chieppa1

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


@haikubot so you're just looking for 17 syllables?
That's making Haiku's out of nothing...
you should stick to the 5 - 7 - 5 ..
Highlight the real haiku's...
You are all over steemit you wascally wabbit !!


Ya. And i can come on your show too, anytime after 6pm CST i can do. @truthforce writing


I've never done mine for video as of yet. Need to start having guests though. I should be able to do one of those slots this week.


Our podcasts are onnly audio, no video in ours. No webcam for me :)


Sounds good.

FYI, I have a new episode of my podcast going up tonight or tomorrow. I have my own YT channel, should I be uploading it to the group's?


Yeah, if you wanted to help build up the group youtube channel I can add you on as an approved video creator. It would allow you to upload videos directly to the youtube channel and other functions.

Send me a message on discord my username is truthforce#9168


I'll get on this tonight.



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Information War
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Power to People!


O.K. @haikubot here's where you come in on the 5 - 7 - 5 ..