VENEZUELA: Pensioners of the IVSS spend hardships looking for money at the door of a bank.

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A woman pensioner from the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security denounced the abuses suffered by the union to withdraw their money from banks.

"The president says we use the cash to sell it, while we ask for it to buy medicine," he said. He also urged the president to avoid trials against pensioners and seek evidence of who is committing such irregularity.


On the other hand, the woman said that the union of pensioners is "shrinking" in search of money, which is mostly intended for the purchase of food and other necessary products.

Pensioners of the IVSS protest

The protests for the incomplete payment of the pensions do not stop and, the third day of having begun the special operation for the pensioners where they will charge the first three days by the terminals of certificate, manifestations in several places of the country arise.

In the state of Merida, seniors who were preparing to collect this month's pension in a single payment found the opposite and decided to block the Avenida Andrés Bello, in front of the shopping center Atriu as a form of protest.
The protesters of that entity declared that they were on line since Wednesday waiting to be treated in the early hours of this Thursday, March 22.

Today, only the people who had the ID numbers 2,3 and 7 could charge for this new payment method was announced by the Superintendency of Institutions of the Banking Sector of Venezuela (Sudeban).



From the Miraflores Palace, the head of state ordered the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS), the Great Mission in Greater Love and the banking authorities of the country change the payment system of the grandparents and that they be incorporated into the "system normal banking ".
"I want to end the fixed day (...) and discrimination against pensioners (...) had been accustomed to fix a single day for the collection of pensions, it is a mistake. All pensioners must be banked, "he said.

He urged retirees to join the banking process: that they take cash out of ATMs and pay for products, services and other necessities through points of sale or through bank transfers.

He disagreed with the fact that older adults make long lines at banks to collect their cash, and the possibility arose that, from now on, the payment of labor and senior citizens' remuneration will be charged only for the digital wallet. .
The national president said that he has received reports that grandparents sell the cash they take out of their accounts to the "Colombian mafias" that take paper money to the neighboring nation.



Personally I think, the national president acts unfairly to pensioners (people over 60 years) when those people are those who think least of buying / selling the valuable cash.Protes5tan settling in the idea that all products are more economical and accessible with cash, that's why the immense queues that had no end.
Should be fixed and study more thoroughly who really is dedicated to buying Venezuelan tickets.


Greetings and God bless us!

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