What if I Told You that the Popes Red Shoes are Made from Human Skin and Dyed with the Victims Blood ? Question !!! Would you Believe Me?

in informationwar •  last month


Epstein island dungeon (beneath the temple).

Sex & torture rooms.

Openly flaunt across social media?


If the records become unsealed much will be revealed.

Watch the news for Rachel Chandler.


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No, i wouldn't believe you.

Human skin is horrible leather. If you made a pair of shoes out of human skin, they would be substandard in durability and appearance.

Blood is a dirty brown when dry. There isn't a way to get it to stay red. And if you pulled all the iron out, the reason that red blood cells are red, you would end up with a different color of red.

However, the Vatican practices magic, hides the real history of the world and of the bible from the people, sells indulgences, doesn't allow their priests to marry, has more gold then Fort Knox, rapes children, uses blood sacrifices (usually of said children) and has a Black Pope that is actually in charge of everything.


So true - this leather story is utter bollocks isn't it? It's the flat earth story of popes!


Well im sorry to say that what you say on the quality of human skin for leather is not true ! It actually makes for incredible leather " The company’s products are very expensive (wallets starting at $14,000 and $27,000 for human leather footwear). The company is serious about privacy and don’t post photos of their finished products and there’s even a waiting list of their products.

The tanning process for human skin is the same as the traditional tanning process for animal leathers, and apparently, human leather is the finest grain leather and is the smoothest and softest leather on Earth." https://www.quora.com/Has-leather-made-from-human-skin-ever-been-sold as for the colour being too red ?? how do you know this ?? have you ever made a dye from human blood ?? You will see that you are both @builderofcastles and @frot very wrong to discount and ridiculer my words in this manner, without i might add even having the politesse to address me on my post directly ! Instead just polishing each others piece like that without one word to me, but then that is how it is here now in steemit, with the meaning of social being lost to the wall of tech and bid bots !


Oh come on don't get all sniffy, it does sound like bollocks! This isn't wikipedia you know :) I'll have a bit of a look, you have got me curious now! - sorry for being a dick, these days on Steemit I'm used to everyone being AI and saying "thanks for your input" when I say they are talking shit, so it's a pleasant surprise to be called out by an actual person. I take it you are an actual person?


Haha , ok mate i will stop getting all sniffy as you say )) Yes I am actually a real person and this is my account and yes i do actually believe and I think rightly so that these shoes are alot more than we would ordinarily think at first glance !
Im so glad that i have by my somewhat over zealously defended words got your attention as I promise you if you do look into this you might well be extremely surprised and like me I am sure totally disgusted by the thought that these shoes could be indeed fashioned in human skin !
I have to say that it is refreshing to meet too somebody else here in these corridors of polished steel and robots going to and fro about somebody elses business ! ))