Quit the Cult of Evil ! Say No to Spiritual Enslavement and Take Back Your Rights as an Individual !

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This video I am sharing today is the most important and empowering thing I have seen for absolutely ages ! Please take the time to look and listen to what this guy has to say as it is absolutely spot on ! We are all indeed from our young years thrown into a world that is arranged in such a fashion that to be an individual and trust in just yourself and own capabilities and desires and rules is near on impossible and indeed forbidden ! As indeed if you do try this mode of life you are immedeately spotted as being a rebel and will recieve the treatment that all rebels recieve, namely abuse, name calling and more than likely you will be promptly ostracized from the group for your willful desire to be an individual that refuses the group think and cult domination of the majority over you !

As to live outside the " status quo " and "cult" of the allowed and imposed can be dangerous and land you quickly in situations which could threaten your sense of freedom and even life ! When you are told to Obey and dont then you run the risk of hitting that wall that nobody sees but whci believe you me is indeed there and waiting for you feel its Force when you try and escape !

But once you have seen this video and heard the meassage of this film, then maybe just maybe you will see the Light ! That you will I hope leave the Dark and step into the World to which your were destined to be yourself and not just another indoctrinated zombie of the Cult of Evil that has kept you blind to yourself and the potential you have written in your genetical being, heart and soul ! Its time to step out of the machine, leave it, break it and push it into a hole and bury it forever as you do not need it, but it does need you !!

So Come On Everybody that Can Hear this Message ! Dont Just Be Another Brick in the Wall ! Be Yourself No Matter What They Say ! Quit the Cult of Control and End the Rule of Evil in this Beautiful World made for Us to be Free and Alive!

Stop Supporting Evil - Quit the Cult

Published on 9 Sep 2018

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Your thoughts and reactions to my post, as ever much appreciated in the comment section below !



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yeah like I have been saying for a long time here on this platform and eleswhere ! These people are sick and evil ! We need to hunt them all down and remove them from our world if we are to have a fighting chance to survive their psycopathic ways ! Thankyou very much by the way for you great and early support on this post @elgeko ))