Gun Free Zones are Not Safe and When you agree to leave your Gun at Home, you have just Put Yourself into a Position of Personal Weakness and non ability to Defend yourself from Potential Aggressors !

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A Gun Free Zone = Defenceless Victim Kill Zone ! Criminals do not follow the Law and will never respect Gun Control Zones , so making these enforced Gun Free Zones just easy soft targets for them ! A gun is a tool not unlike a screwdriver, put into the hands of a man, it can into a wall or take out someones eye ! The thing is nobody will think of attacking you with a screwdriver if you are visibly carrying a gun !

Restrictive Gun Laws these Gun Free Zones will never stop bad people carrying a gun in there and shooting everybody up, because nobody there is equipped to retaliate with equal of superior force ! So we end up with just another list of "Progressive -Law Abiding " Victims of their Belief that the police and laws written down on a piece of paper and explained on a road sign will protect them from the bad men or women potentially walking into that bar, supermarket or school !

Better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have it! In the second case scenario you either wind up dead or critically wounded !

Operation Gun Confiscation In Full Swing

Streamed live 23 hours ago

This Should Blow Your Mind and Piss You Off!

Published on 5 Aug 2019

America's Mass Shooting Nightmare

Paul Joseph Watson
Published on 5 Aug 2019

The real causes of Violent crimes becoming more common place !

The thing is all of these spate of recent shootings are more a product of a sick society where people feel lost and ignored and frustrated by what they see ! So one day they decide to show the anger that has been for so long pent up within them as there is no public space where people can express their personal feeling of anger and possible rejection by society as a whole ! Censorship merely prevents these sickos being identified in there social media communications ! But then I am not wanting to advocate the idea of " crime detection" before it even happens ! This is Minority Report and a Nightmare Scenario which I hope Nobody ever wants to see become reality !

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yes @builderofcastles, seems at least you got it ! Sad and somewhat still disconcerting to see for people still calling out for more gun control in America ! They really have no clue how lucky they are to have this " inalienable right to bare arms "
What will we do in " Cucked totally disarmed Europe when our governments toss the guns to their Beloved imported standing army of fighting age men along with the keys to the cities , saying " Go on, Do What Thou Whilst ! " What then ?