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Financial Persercution of Robert Spencer

Information is power. Money is power. Paper - Scissor - Stone?

Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch Patreon Account has been terminated by Patreon upon demand by Mastercard.

Interesting to note is that Mr. Spencer doesn't own a MasterCard. Apparently, Mastercard owns Patreon. Therefore, if you print a country's money, you care not for its laws? For Credit Card providers lend money they don't have. The creation of debt. Fiat hell.

Update: Patreon Ownership

According to this Wikipedia entry, Patreon is owned by AMAZON's CIA criminal Jeff Bozo Beso. TRUMP! Why do you allow this Beast and the enemy of freedom and decency to dictate rules? Wake UP!!!

The reason given was 'illegal' content on Jihad Watch without warning nor explaining which content is illegal and illegal under which law. MasterCard's move is the only thing illegal here.

The ban comes as Jihad Watch reports on several Muslim Pedophilia arrests. In the UK: Leftist media blames “mean tweets, online comments” for the latest London jihad attack carried out in the name of the 'religion of peace.'

SPLC - Terror

It appears that MC reacted to the terror organization Southern Poverty Law Center's Blacklist, which includes JihadWatch. The SPLC has no lawful authority. The modus operandus: Defame truthseekers, conservatives, Christians, sue them, and take the money usurped offshore and fund terrorism after enriching themselves. That's the SPLC.

Insanity exponential.

Pat Quigly, Globalist Cabal insider in his book Tragedy and Hope on page 10 says, and I am paraphrasing: The destruction of society is preceded by it's increased insanity. This breakdown in societal sanity is not a natural process. It is engineered by the same people who poison the water, manipulate the weather, and propose technocracy and eugenics.

The Left Hell-Bent and Hell-Bound

The left is hell-bent to shut down all dissenting voices right of Peloony Pelosi and Marxist Mad Max Waters. In the UK and Europe, the persecution of alternative media operators goes widely unreported.

Election Fraud

The crimes perpetrated by the purveyors of Globalist Islamic Communism are crimes against humanity. Stealing the rights of the people to chose their political direction by silencing the voice of the majority of the people us election fraud!

Where is the Federal Election Commission? Where is Trump?

Why is the FEC not investigating the unlawful silencing of constitutionalists such as Alex Jones? Why does Donald Trump remain silent? Surely, he must know. Is he preparing a knock-out response to the racketeering cabal of the fascist left?

Major False Flag Ahead?

Ahead of the 2018 US Midterm elections, the crackdown is a blatant attempt to silence patriots.
But with over 300 'newspapers', including fake news UK The Guardian writing hit pieces on Donald Trump claiming he incites violence and attacks free speech, the question arises: Is this a coordinated strategy to launch a major attack on all non-leftist, non-mainstream viewpoints and declare them eventually illegal?

Here is the plan as I see it being carried out:
(1) Ridiculing of dissident's online presence on social media
(2) Calling for 'grassroots' to be violent BAMN
(3) Technofacism banning all online presence of patriots
(4) to... execute election fraud
(5) Launching coordinated slender of President and supporters (mainstream press)
(6) Deep State to organize mass shooting or bombing of free 'Press' institution such as CNN AND others.
(7) Declaring patriots officially terrorists (CNN called Alex Jones Domestic Terrorist already)
(8) Denying dissidents utility services such as banking, housing, energy, transport
(9) Declaration of Martial Law
(10) Incarceration and execution of patriots

A far-fetched theory? Perhaps. However, we are at step 6, dear readers!

The left, thinking it is protected, is going to quickly learn that they are just as much a target as constituionalists.


Technofascism has arrived. It is not only the social media tech bubble giants, it is now also critical infrastructure providers such as Amazon and Microsoft who deny services to content providers with whom they do not agree. That financial services join the racketeering elite is not news. They denied the NY Chapter of the NRA financial services. Banks have denied account services to RT in the UK.

Slay'em ALL

Q'uran 2:191 "Slay infidels wherever you find them"
It appears that MasterCard and Patreon are just fine with that.

The tribulation has begun. The persecution has started. It is biblical.

Amazingly, the Bible told us thousands of years ago what's in store. Because of that, I am at peace. Although we may lose battles, the war has already been won in Jesus Christ.

Bible: John 14:6
I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Thank you for reading.


Proud Supporter of PAL and the - The Minnow SupportProject
Christopher "The Hat" Hatfield @globocop

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This is scary.
It's not so much death I'm afraid of.
It's the process of dying that scares me.
We both know TPTSB are gonna'get what they want.
I had hopes for living through good times in the future. Now, I'm wondering if there are any good times in the future to be had. And I think you are right about another big false flag looming. It's been too long since the last one. And with midterms coming up...well, timing is everything, right?


Keep your head up and your chin up and your head high, Jane.

Matthew 14:22
And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

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