Divide et Impera

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Divide & Conquer

Old Adage

As old as Warcraft, the Mongolian Empire knew how to divide. And how to rule. From 1206 till 1368, they perfected the art of dividing the enemy, weaken him, destroying him in the end.

Biblical accounts attest to even earlier strategies for dividing and conquering. Not a trivial method of Warcraft.

THE first biblical record of criminal conduct is recounted when Satan divides the unity of man and God, casting doubts in Eve; of God's true intentions... Hath God really said... (Gen 3:1) We read in 1 Kings 12 and 2 Chronicles 10 how kingdoms are divided. When the Israelites were captured by the Babylonians, they separated the 12 tribes, making it difficult for them to stand united.

Proven Strategy

The same strategies are employed today by unholy political factions of the globalist rulers.

Political Prisoner -

As a young man, I adored this slogan: Divide et Impera. It sounded powerful. Indeed it is. And I recognized early on that this is what is being employed against me. The people of East Germany against me. Divide et Impera!

Having been thrown in an East German prison for planning to cross the border to West Germany 'illegally', I was incarcerated for 18 months. I spent time there with thieves, murderers, and con-artists. One thing that was forbidden was getting a tattoo.. So I got one and then some.

One of the tattoos I have had poked onto my chest was the King of Hearts of the card game, in a round emblem, reading in the upper half: Divide and Impera, and in the lower Half: In Hoc Signo Vinces. Under this sign, you shall win. Yep, that picture is of my chest.

Underneath, I had a West German Eagle tattooed. Engrained in my skin by the same artist, using the same method (manual needle + same ink), it enraged the East German jail keepers, who called the Staatsicherheit. That was East Germany's version of the Gestapo, who beat me to a pulp in a cold shower as not to leave any marks. It didn't.

I became even more convinced that I was on the right side of history. I embraced my solitude when I was thrown into solitary confinement.

A Prophecy

The German eagle disappeared after 15 years. It just went.

A medical doctor in the US was stunned and called it a miracle.

It probably was more than that. A prophecy.

I turned away from East Germany and finally went to the West in 1985.

  1. East Germany falls and reunites with West Germany. The talk of the land is: Unification.. Yet, the hearts and minds of 70% of an indoctrinated population on both sides meant stigmatism prevailed. Even today.


Looking at the US and fallen Europe of today, the Globalist's Deep State and their mouthpieces, the 'Liberal Left' do a great job dividing. Anyone trying to unite in the name of liberty, self determination, Christ, everythinig that is good and honorable, is viewed as a nationalist extremist, unless, of course, it's uniting for a globalist scheme.

All have to have followed the same mantra, the same hard left/globalist/technocratic ideology lest risking to be branded a nationalistic racist.

Legal ≠Lawful

Why has Obama in his eight years of reign created more racial division in the country than any other president in US history?

  • Why are the unlawful EU rulers import masses of people with incompatible values into European countries?
  • Why is it that Christianity is demonized as mental illness, right-wing extremism and Christian fundamentalism?
  • Why is it that the enemies of life, the enemies of peace, the enemies of liberty accuse those they seek to rule of the things they do?

Because the two most powerful weapons they use against humanity are:

Fear and Accusation.

Refuse the Label

For that to work they need to attach labels to humans. Christian, right winger, racist, homophobe, the list is endless.

Refuse any Label.

The Marxist doctrine teaches the divide: textbook Alinsky style.

As a free person, I care not for the race, creed or gender of a person. I care about their motivation, character, and value-add. And in that, I discriminate, yes, divide humanity: Value Add, Motivation, Creed, Character. Not height, nor skin color, nor possessions matter to me. And that divide is a Unite!.


Let's stop listening to the scheming deceptions the controllers manipulate us with through Lame Stream Media, NGO's, most politicians and other unsavory corrupt characters.

As the globalist cabal is taking away our liberties one by one, we have a choice. To give in, accept, and keep voting like a hen and two foxes what's for dinner, we make ourselves slaves of a system that has evolved into a neo-feudal mechanism of control and oppression. Let us not allow them to destroy us by Dividing and Conquering. Remove your consent with laful civil disobendience. Please note: There is a difference between Illegal and Unlawful. Always do what's lawful. Never give into deception, evil, unlawful edicts and oppression.


The question rises about the motives of CPS, MCFD, Jugendamt and other "social worker agents" charged with breaking up families and removing children without due course from their parents. Do check out #familyprotection for their stories about the atrocities committed by the state against the nucleus of society.

The strategy of the enemies of life and liberty is always multi-dimensional. No opportunity to smear, deceive and kill goes to waste. But at the heart of their evil lies the mantra: Divide et Impera.

Closing Remarks

I realize, this short write up does not touch on the complexities of the enemies strategy. Man tend to reject things that are simple.

Can we embrace simple truth? Or is it really too simple for us to put aside our differences and focus on our common goal, and unite in what we have in common? Our desire for Liberty, Property rights and Self-Determination? Our right to live as we see fit, as long as we do not harm someone else?

One Question: Value Add?

It's really simple:

In everything I do, I ask: What value does this add to someone else and to myslelf. Not just myself. But to someone else. To that person next to me?


Thank you for reading.


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Great article.
Simplicity is the key to understanding.
With so much deception out there truth is very hard to find.
It is a lot like prospecting, you have to sift through a lot of dirt to find those little gems of truth.

Intelligence is the ability to make something simple complicated.
Genius is the ability to simplify the complex.



The Occam's Razor principle applies in 80% of the cases we look at. The simplest answer is usually the right one.

Love your quote: Genius is the ability to simplify (and explain) the complex.
The rabbit holes go deep, but it's still just that, a hole.

Thanks @themissinglink

PS: I added a snippet relating to CPS, etc.


I made up that quote over quite a few years, more to keep myself in check. After investigating "conspiracy theories" for years I found reducing issues to the simplest questions revealed the truth. For example 9/11, where are the planes? (especially the Pentagon). A complex math formula is worked out by reducing it into smaller equations. You need to know 5 things to work out any math equation: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and the syntax of the language. Easy.
I even worked out how to bypass censorship LOL.

Anticensorship algorithm.jpg

This is a great write up!! Yes, it's true: those who are creating hate filled division are the same people screaming for unity. Through diversity. It's the strangest cognitive dissonance I've ever witnessed. Let us hold onto hope that Truth will always prevail, and remain a beacon, bright enough to be seen clearly by all.


He will, because through his genius, the complex is untangled and the root of the evil is destroyed. Eventually.

really good post. your post will be benefited to everyone.keep sharing and keep it up


Wow again.

A lot of us talk about defying The System, but you've actually done it and your advice is very valuable.

One major foundation of the marriage my husband @ironshield and I are building is to be together so we can't be divided and conquered. And to keep our children close so hunters can't separate them from us and make them easy pickings.

It sounds so paranoid, but the dangers around us are real. Staying together means staying strong!