The Trans Situation in October 2018: Embarrassment Incoming

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America the Great! With the most interesting and progressive sports! With Canada! What a team up! Which one's are the dudes?

##Wanker! This is Woman's Cycling!

Some people might think it inappropriate to write about the transgendered people in October with the Halloween Holiday and all. Some people would be pissed. People like the trans male to female from Canadia who just won the Women’s Cycling World Championship, that, that… that that would get in your cis-Supremacist face. It’s strong. It’s in a permanent costume. It’s called:

"Rachel McKinnon, (and) a professor at the College of Charleston,"

and that biological male,

"won the women’s 35-39 age bracket at the 2018 UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Los Angeles."

That's all according to the Daily Caller.

McKinnon, whether he knows about this article or not and whether he knows how some consider him to be in an extreme lifetime Halloween get-up, and ghoulish, is pretty pissed. He is pretty pissed and could bash your face or mine with a bikelock because:

"McKinnon believes subjecting trans women to testosterone blocking violates their human rights."

We’re assuming he’s not taking those suppressors. For him, it’s a matter of freedom.

McKinnon is a real crusader. We will consider his transgenderism “butch.”

Well, there’s usually a femme right? The USA Today article I quoted just above informs us that as it so happens, there is also a “femme” male to female transgender cyclist.

Some of the trans, they cut their package off, some of the trans, they don’t. In this situation, we’ve already assumed McKinnon is the “butch” tranny, the one that has a Johnson. “He, she, it” feels its rights are being violated but it doesn’t want to have “his, her, its” testosterone blocked because it considers that an affront to it’s human rights as a man-lady or whatever you want to call “him, her, it.”. McKinnon may be one of the first trans and feminist-trans or trans-feminist rights activists for “butch” trannies(we’re researching that but, are doing so cautiously and from a distance).

So the other trans man to woman in bicycle racing – the femme – the now the former man – assumedly without a “feminine penis” – that one is in a battle with the “butch” over the testosterone suppression thing in Professional Women’s Cycling.

Depending on the way you look at it both the “butch’s” argument and the “femme’s” argument could be argued to be the purist’s argument and quite frankly, this author is seriously confused at this point.

So the femme right, it’s family name is Bearden. It too, in a sane world, would be considered a disgrace or put down from far enough away where you’re not going to catch anything. This “femme” as the USA Today explains:

sees trans women who compete with unlimited levels of natural testosterone as dopers and cheaters while McKinnon says looking at the issue that way only furthers the oppression of transgender people.,

It’s an age-old male vs female question(created by the Jews) in a new arena for the current year. Will trannies be divided? Yes, in potentially a number of ways, let alone professional sports under the guise of their ersatz gender. This whole cock and balls war though really isn’t up to the man-ladies. It’s not even up to the man- lady with a penis, “the butch,” eventhough he may feel more natural… or something. The fact of the matter is that “he, she, it” feel’s its rights are being violated but it’s not up to “he, she, it.”. No, It’s up to the International Olympic Committee(The IOC). The International Olympic Committee has weighed in. According to the USA Today:

updated IOC guidelines in 2015 that require women who transition from men to block certain amounts of natural testosterone.

That’s not freedom.

Freedom requires us to be free. We should be as free as grazing animals and we really do have the right to infringe upon the “rights of others,” just not as a collective. I think there will be a lot more butch trannies in the world once we recognize what freedom truly is and all ascend to our destiny as demons and murderers.

You and me reader ain’t nothing but mammals, become a woman on The Discovery Channel.


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