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Anne Marie Waters
Sunday 14th March 2021

One of the most common issues I’m hearing about from residents as I campaign for local elections in May, is rubbish! People are tired of rubbish-strewn streets and who can blame them? I spoke in my Facebook livestream this week about this very issue. You can watch it at

Almost every council has committed itself to being ‘greener’, but while it does so, it collects less rubbish and its streets get dirtier. There’s nothing ‘green’ about it. Household waste collection has dropped in nearly every part of the country in the last decade, and extra burdens have been placed on households. For example, many of us are now expected to strictly separate our rubbish. This usually applies to rubbish that will be ‘recycled’ and rubbish that will not. Most authorities provide two bins for this; to be collected alternately (i.e. fortnightly for each bin). But what actually happens to the household waste we separate for ‘recycling’?

I think many people would be surprised to learn the answer – it’s exported to other countries.

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