"Insufficient evidence" into recent allegations that police covered up child >abuse in the past.

in informationwar •  17 days ago

"Insufficient evidence has been found in 36 out of 37 investigations into recent allegations that police covered up child >abuse in the past.

Investigations overseen by the Independent Office For Police Conduct were disclosed to the Independent Inquiry into >Child Sexual Abuse.

It's the first time the results of the long-running series of investigations have been made public.

In one case evidence was found, but the officer has since died."

I am going to have a bit of fresh air and a cup of tea before i comment on this one as i am not permitted to swear on the party account!

safe to say some might have a problem with this.

remember dissenter, but no abuse just fact please.

"The report by the IOPC says a string of claims made during recent years - by retired police officers, social workers and >journalists - were not supported by available evidence.

Often the allegation was that senior officers stopped an inquiry after finding out that prominent people were involved."


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