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Apparently, Muslims are a race.

They have written a report together. We have the perfect storm here; a Muslim and a left-wing academic writing a politically correct report. The main thrust of the report is to minimise any claims of Muslim involvement, or disproportionate Muslim involvement, in grooming gangs.

The report is filled with term “racism” in every form imaginable. This includes “anti-Muslim racism”, which is repeated again and again. Dr Waqas Tufail’s “expertise” in “racism” comes to the fore. It seems nearly every sentence has “racism” in it.

It is also filled with the usual accusations of “Islamophobia” or “far right”.

Here is my response.

This article examines how racist framings of ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ exist not only in extremist, far-right fringes but in mainstream, liberal discourses too. The involvement of supposedly feminist and liberal actors, and the promotion of pseudoscientific ‘research’, have lent a veneer of legitimacy to essentialist, Orientalist stereotypes of Muslim men, the demonisation of whole communities and demands for collective responsibility.

Full blog at the link.

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