Trying to force speech in a supposedly free speech society: Chelsea Manning & coercing involuntary servitude? against publisher wikileaks

in informationwar •  2 months ago

So any huh despite the Trump's lawyer friend Giuliani defending Wikileaks and Assange's acts a publishing speech one might ponder would be protected under the first amendment, there may be certain claws and antennae of the deep state that want to punish wikileaks/assange for disseminating information about your supposed government.

Now despite the fake news squaking to ye that it illegal to read things from a publisher engaged in news first amendment, it seems the bureaucrats want to pull at threats to try to silence wikileaks/assange.

Perhaps the bureaucrats theory is that if Assange a non US citizen went beyond just taking leaks and publishing, but instead gave advice or other sort of acts then some how he should fall under the coercive apparatus and be allowed to make an example of for letting tax payers know what they are doing. Free speech so precious to Murcan sheeple and somehow it must be a crime in a nominally free speech society that the publisher need be punished fer tellin ye about the military murdering reuters journalists and covering it up. Ya get to vote n all if u have their papers even though they got private databases about who we all are, but they will punish those who tell you about what they do in your name.

So Chelsea Manning already surrender many years of life in a cage for punishment for telling ye what yer paying for. Any how, Manning is being punished for refusing to speak. What kind of free speech is their if you can be forced to speak? Are people really free from involuntary servitude and having their inalieenable rights be sacrificed in the name of the collective to the benefit of the military industrial complex?

Murcan sheeple surely gonna be great again and the deep state drained forever more when people are being punished for telling the voters who supposedly in power about their governments policy and acts. But ye shoodnt be surprised, what happen to releasing the JFK files?? If they can murder and or cover up the murder of a president, fifty years ago and not even tell you about it, then why would you think elections and people power are anything more than illusion tools of the rulers--ridiculous the fake news and the sheeple dont care to know what all the government documents they paid for related to JFK assasination claim reality to be.

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