FatKat Celebrates 1 Year on Steem, Trying to Start Making New Music and Other Projects, Looking to Rent SP from Whales?

in informationwar •  6 months ago

Hey everyone, happy to be posting sorry it's been a while. This account celebrates it's first year on steem network such a cool thing. Thanks to steem, finally made a learn guitar system @learnguitar, that hope to improve upon and make even better as time advances to infinity. The website is www.LearnGuitar.ga with free hosting from Heroku, free domain from Freenom.com, and free CMS via Django, the website's source is the link at the bottom. Below are some of the music videos from the band hoping to start production again with a new website and release of all tracks even without the political lyrics into the public domain, but may not be going for a few months.

Some of the communities I really like on Steemit are "@InformationWar" which helps advance free flow of information, "Steem Powered Cannabis" which talks about the cannabis plant in the community and "@Unity4J" which helps discuss hero Julian Assange who has been arbitrarily detained for over 6 years by an insane entity that murders its own citizens without article III trials, has nearly 1% of its own citizens behind bars--many for victimless nonviolent conduct, engages in extraordinary rendition, indefinite detentions without charge nor trials and even force feeds those twisted up into their custody denying them if control over their basic existence.

Probably won't be posting regularly again for a while--unless can find a dope delegation from a whale, have 2000+ steem available to obtain an SP lease from you "TheFatKat" on discord. If you have a community or project that supports permissively licensed open source programs (MIT, BSD, Zlib, CC0, Unlicense, etc) and/or that creates or digitizes public domain content feel free to contact me for upvotes, possible delegations or other support.

Hope to have new music and some other cool things to add to the cool stuff of steem soon, in the coming months. I think the more steem creates value here the more the world will beat a path here and establish the value of Steem/SBD more independent of Bitcoin and other fiats. Once the account has a decent delegation, or has content production going efficiently will start posting very regularly again.

Thanks again steem!!!

Want to Learn Guitar? (visit)


Learn Guitar Source Code


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Congrats on being here a year! You've done a lot in your time here. Great job. Looking forward to seeing more in the future. :) Cheers man!


Thanks!! Yea hope to do some cool stuff in year 2 on steem.

Hey Man, hope all is going well. Good to see a post. Small world here. Had just found and was exploring @informationwar which had resteemed your post leading me back to you. I don't visit my feed cause I follow way to many so would of missed you there. Noticed from auto upvote you hadn't been posting much so figured you were on a break. Now I know why after reading this. Have you visited Scorum.com? New steemit like network paying SCR traded on DEX. They differ by focus on sports content. Also they seem to be trying to learn from steemit mistakes. Tuck is setting up a poker platform there. I only mention because its still early and may turn into a good income stream for content creators and curation. Plus the content is informative sports stuff. It also may become a home for sports gambling using SCR which differs from Steem because there is a limited amount so demand should keep value up as its adopted. Anyway, congrats on a year here. I get to mine one year badge on Oct 13. Reminds me I should put up a post about it then. Take care brother


Nice, yea I'll have to get back to poker at some point. SCR sounds cool. I think having more content for certain communities like sports could be a good strategy toward trying to get more people involved. I hope things are going well, hope to get active again in the next few months.

I'm nowhere near whale status, but I dpo with you the best of luck! I hope you find what you're looking for, and I hope you can make the music you need to make!


Thanks hoping to get some cool stuff out there in a month or two.


Awesome! I will keep my eyes open!

I did not understand what you said but you just want to sow one thing. Only those people on this platform help those people whose rank is high.Not the ones that are new on this platform


That's not completely true. If you work hard enough for long enough and find your niche, you will eventually find some support. Try for 2 years every day and then you can complain if you don't make anything.

Also, just posting news or making generic content doesn't get very much attention because it's not unique. It also makes people wonder if your blog is copy/paste or plagiarism, which will not get you upvotes but instead downvotes. Find something creative and unique that no one else can create but you!


some good advice!! Try to make content that people want and you can likely find a following subject to the market demands for your ideas.

Congrats on the 1 year!

Try leasing SP via @minnowbooster or @smartsteem mate. I'm sure you'll find the amount of SP you need there.


thx yea they have cool stuff, but always interesting to see if there are others

Wow.... This is awesome
Congratulations to you Sir... Looking forward to getting this old on @Steemit and still find it interesting...

Happy anniversary. Most leasing comes at a cost (minnowbooster) but you are looking for a fee free delegation I guess. And steem price change not related to Bitcoin can be good or bad......


Thanks!! yea like to see all the options, the fee isnt that bad its just the rate

Welcome to my friend. Nice to meet you

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I upvoted you as a witness :) good luck!


thanks yea i'd like to become one soon!!

i dont want to learn guiter sorry to say.


its all good but if you change your mind some of the videos might be useful