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You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it. - John Adams

Can You Hear The Battle Cry?

America is faced with an election year and will have a clear choice between freedom and tyranny. As the deep state endeavors to move the pendulum to a socialist and fascist world, the founding fathers are rolling in their graves. No taxation without representation they cry. Freedom and the voice of the many must be heard. Yet, corruption is a disease that is sucking the life out of this nation. Taxes spread like a wild virus as politicians are selected rather than elected. Corporations and banks sway political puppets. What happened to statesmen who truly represented their constituents?

And let's not forget the social programs and the filthy CPS who are destroying the fabric of our family. These parasites of corruption must end. Children are not property for social workers to traffic. Innocence and family values must be preserved.

Don't Let Our Freedoms Die!

Yes, we are faced with an approaching election. We must preserve freedom and end corruption. Financial enslavement has gripped this country far too long. Governmental child trafficking and pedophilia has has destroyed lives and dreams. We have fallen asleep in the pot of socialism far too long. Daddy government has addicted us far to long to it's heroin. It is up to us to preserve freedom. I have often thought we should take money out of the equation. But I know that our nation has gotten too fat and corrupt.

We carry the light of truth
We hear the battle cry to preserve freedom.
This is who we are... we are made of stone.

Evil Must Be Overthrown

Would you ever become an info warrior? Will you stand up for truth and justice. Would you ever defend others from the corruption of banks, corporations, the CPS or the tyranny of big brother? Can you hear the battle cry of the freedom fighter who is a voice for the aged and unborn. Will you preserve our freedoms for generations to come? This is who we are.

Do you thirst to preserve freedom and be a voice for the voiceless? Would you ever join a pro-family group to protect families and children?

With Conviction Made of Stone?

I came across this music video entitled 'Made of Stone' performed by Gentri. This vocal group is a gentleman's trio of adult contemporary music. The more I listen to their music, the more I love them. The video was designed for independence day, but its message is most important with this as election year. Corruption has many faces. Regardless if it is a war with guns or protecting babies from child trafficking, freedom must be available to all.

Take a listen and may you find the conviction in your heart and life to uphold freedom this year. I for one, have chosen to support @familyprotection, in their fight to bring freedom to families and children.

When you are make of fine stone, you cannot be watered down or compromised. You have conviction to preserve freedom.

The video is 4 minutes.

Nearly 250 years ago, colonists pledged their loyalty to an unborn nation; a land founded upon one of the most priceless virtues known to mankind - FREEDOM. This independence day we celebrate the courage and fortitude of our forefathers who believed that all men are created equal with unalienable rights.

Colonists pledged their loyalty to an unborn nation. I have pledged my voice to children and families through @familyprotection. Who will you be loyal to? Whatever you choose... choose freedom!

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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