Today's Topic "Diversity": Consider M&Ms...

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Today I wanted to talk briefly (we'll see if I can keep it brief, probably not) about diversity. The biggest thing in diversity seems to be about skin color. It then may branch into a few other limited categorizations like gender, or who you choose to have sex with, but in reality the contemporary definition of diversity is that simple.

It is so diverse it is a lot like a bag of M&Ms.

See all those wonderful colors? Isn't it so diverse?

It doesn't matter if it all tastes the same, and that a diet of just M&Ms would kill you. The important thing is all of those beautiful colors.

Actually no, that is stupid. The contemporary narrative is stupid.

Out of all the things that are important what color the M&Ms are is likely the least. This is also true of people.

Who you sleep with, whether you have a penis, how you choose to use your "front hole", whom you choose to use it on, and what color your skin is, are ultimately rather insignificant factors when it comes to true diversity.

Diversity happens in your mind. It is in your ideas. It is in your actions. It is in your character.

What we see in society today is a push to homogenize thought and produce conformity of thought while hiding behind the colored candy coating and calling that diversity.

If I were to stick with diversity as applied to food.

The M&Ms are not diversity. You cannot subsist upon M&Ms alone.

That is closer to diversity. Personally it is a lot more interesting.

The push in society by the media, politicians, and some very naive people is to treat the candy coating as all that matters in diversity with their true desire being that EVERYONE inside thinks the same, agrees the same, shares the same ideas, etc.

That is NOT diversity. It is the opposite. It is called Conformity...

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Very good analogy!

I too believe that true diversity comes down to the individual level. There are like 7.6 billion diversities of humans.

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They do not want real diversity. The other day I was reading a book by Michael Moore, called "Stupid White Men", there he said that the plan of the Democrats was to get a single mixed race.


They are trying to make "safe spaces" REAL when they are FAKE. They don't keep you safe. They blind you to reality. They are afraid of reality so they are trying to make their imaginary safe spaces into reality.

Your comment section is as good as your post. How I would say this is that they are attempting to rob us of our responsibility. That this takes ones liberty and freedom is obviously natural law! The response is to be responsible!

I say this too. Economically diversity is worth gold, but the labor of the man or women is the national treasure of the society!

Actually there are many different types of variations in this world that are still unknown to us, do you agree with it?


The only minority that matters is the individual. What they look like is the least of my concern. Their character, their ideas, and their actions are the true measure of diversity. Everyone thinking the same is like having a single laboratory trying to solve all of the world's problems. That is stupid. We should stop doing it. I like diversity, but this thing society is pushing is not diversity at all. It is conformity.


Diversity is just another tool to divide and rule.


Actually it is a true thing. What the narrative today is referring to as diversity simply is NOT diversity. Typical Cultural Marxism. They hijack the word, redefine it, weaponize it. Yet they clearly have no interest in true diversity. They instead seek conformity.

Diversity is important... unless you are a white male.
Which means, that diversity is just a club to beat white males with.

It is a buzzword to signal that you are a good person.
However, it is meaningless. Because, everyone i know is picky about who they are friends with.

And the ones who shout diversity the most are groups that are almost all white women, leftist, neo-liberals. Or, a very homogeneous group.

Me, i'm a racist! I hate trash.
I hate white trash, i hate trailer trash, i hate brown trash, i hate green trash...


Yet. Diversity applied to skin color is like the shell of the M&M it is not diverse at all if it all tastes the same. ;)

It is simple cultural marxism, hijacking words, redefining them, and weaponizing them. I refuse to cede linguistic territory for their agendas.

I like diversity. They don't even though they spend so much time talking about it.

Do you know what the most diverse thing is?

It is called INDIVIDUALISM. The only minority that truly matters is the individual.


In my house I have to take the trash out. Some how I think it is the same for our society?

For them diversity is good, as long as no one is truly different than in superficialities. That's what happens when you have people who defend equality and diversity at the same time.