It's okay to change your mind. It is a good thing. It is important to sometimes be wrong. (When someone changes their mind why do some people that wanted that change to happen decide to attack?)

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I was reading the tweet that Cher sent out about open borders. I then read Trump's response. I read a ton of comments on one of the posts about it on the Gateway Pundit.

In a brief moment of reading those comments a couple of questions came to my mind.

  • Don't we want people to change their mind when they have new thoughts and encounter new information? Isn't what we are seeking that they simply learn to think for themselves rather than use herd/groupthink?
  • Should we condemn and attack them when they do?
  • Is that productive?
  • Isn't ridicule one of the most popular tactics that is in the book Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky?
  • Why would we stoop to using the techniques we find so atrocious upon people that begin to think for themselves?
  • Shouldn't we be welcoming and encouraging them?
  • Is it more important to say "I told you so?"
  • Does that make us any better than those we want to think for themselves?

I agree with you that it’s perfectly ok and healthy to change your mind.....
However, Cher is just like every other virtue signalling celebrity libtard desperately trying to stay relevant.
She professes to want what gets her the most credibility with the hoards of dumbed down SJW’s that are pervading our society until the steaming pile of shit she claimed to champion lands on her door step.
Well karma is a bitch, I hope the twat gets a refugee camp in her back yard.

How do you know? Can you read minds, or are you just assuming? If she was genuine how would you know?

There is no excuse for acting this way. It is what they do.

This has been one of the arguments I used recently with some real life friends/family. If we can't take care of our own(homeless/Mentally Ill people) then how can we bring in millions more per year?

Yep.... I've been saying it for awhile, even have written about it here. Basically, how can you be offering sanctuary to illegals when your own homeless population is already growing.