Four Climate Scientists Destroy Climate Change Alarmism (They are also in relevant fields of science)

in #informationwar2 years ago

I stumbled across this short video this morning. I noticed that the scientists speaking were all in areas of science relevant to Climate. It is worth hearing, and as I said it is short.

Four Climate Scientists Destroy Climate Change Alarmism - 3:46


WOW!Thats great information I learn from my Teacher who say's 1 centigrate increase in tempreture can raise the sea level upto 1 meter @dwinblood

The temperature WILL increase, and it will decrease. It has throughout history so I am sure we'll get a chance to witness that. Our ancestors have. Yet blaming the occurrence upon man is just them creating a new religion that you are not allowed to question. You'll be a heretic, a blasphemer, an infidel!!! Oops... that isn't the word they use. They'll just call you a denier and advocate for you being silenced, jailed, fined, and even executed. Gotta burn the witch.

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