Do you identify as part of the Left, or perhaps a Democrat, or perhaps a Liberal? If so, then this post may be for you.

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Of those things I listed in the subject I know some of you may be a liberal in the classical sense. There are a lot of people that self identify as a liberal yet they are actually acting in opposition to the classical meaning of the word. This post is more for those that are working off of that new hijacked and twisted version of that label.

At the moment there is a great push for many things. The push is being endorsed by Democrats, the media, and many celebrities. Those that challenge these pushes are often censored, death threatened, or at the very least suffer cries to silence them.

Here are some issues that these battles rage over:

  • Electoral College
  • Gun Control
  • Reparations
  • Compelled speech - crime to use wrong pronoun
  • Climate Change
  • Vaccines
  • Abortion
  • Globalism vs Nationalism
  • Christianity
  • Islam / Muslim
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Antifa
  • White People
  • Feminism
  • Toxic Masculinity
  • Gun Control and Red Flag Laws
  • MAGA

You likely already knew all of that.

Now let me get into the thing I thought about that I thought it is likely most of you don't really think of. I hadn't fully thought about it, and I have just begun the journey.

These images will be needed to start us off.

2016 Election:



Washington State:



New Mexico:



New York:

Those are a lot of the states that were blue on the nation level map

I am going to stop there, but feel free to look at the others if you are so inclined. I suspect you already mostly knew what those images are revealing as well.

People have looked at these maps and pointed out that in most cases the blue areas in the states were where large concentrations of population were.


I can tell you that I live in Colorado and there are blue locations that are not high population. Yet living here all but 4 years of my closing on 49 years of life I can tell you those blue counties not high population are places where celebrities have 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc homes and that they vacation at a lot. Places like Aspen, Colorado. Places like Vail, Colorado. They tend to be full of hollywood and music stars. They become extensions of Hollywood, New York, etc. It is no surprise that the votes mirror that of those large population centers in other states.

Yet, this is still not why I wrote this post. It is all needed to understand what I wanted to post about.

Have you considered those red locations in something other than derogatory terms?

Have you considered that those are the places that generate the food? Grocery stores don't magically have their shelves filled by some Star Trek replicator.

Have you considered all of your vehicles, gadgets, and other physical belongings?

They may be manufactured in factories in high population areas. Though those factories require ingredients.

Where are the mines?

In addition, there are many factories producing components needed by all the other components that are actually not in high population centers. They may be the primary employer for towns across the nation.

Where are those?

So with the demand to rid yourselves of the electoral college, and to go with popular vote have you considered what you are proposing to do about those red areas?

You are treating red as an indicator of slavery. For you see, if the red areas cease supplying those large population centers. They will shrivel and die. We do not have replicators like in Star Trek.

If asked "Where do you get your food?" you may think the grocery store. The grocery store gets your food from those red areas.

You may want to push for banning guns. Are you prepared to fight across all of those red areas?

You may demand people agree with you or be silenced. So that would suggest that rather than you learning to be civil and interact with those you disagree with you must be willing to go fight them in their homes?

Have you considered any of this?

You in the high population centers are in a very precarious situation if you wish to truly push this fight. If you truly want civil war. Look closely at those maps. Think about what those maps do in order to make your population centers possible.

Hollywood if you want to take freedom, we don't need you. There are plenty of ways to keep ourselves busy and entertained that don't require you.

If you want civil war, I suggest you very carefully consider those maps.

EDIT: I found this map which might be helpful in considering this:


Cheers 4.gif

Hollywood if you want to take freedom, we don't need you. There are plenty of ways to keep ourselves busy and entertained that don't require you.

If you want civil war, I suggest you very carefully consider those maps.

Well said. In fact, it would be interesting to watch post Hollywood movies.

Nice post and true! The problem is there is only red and blue. Not enough people willing to get out of either the red or blue camp and a system that doesn't encourage more than two parties.

I voted third party in 2016 every chance I had. Then I voted 50/50 between Democrats and Republicans where that was the only choice. In 2018 I didn't vote for any Democrats.

I voted third party in 2012 too, though I was a delegate for Ron Paul. Once he was out of the running I voted Libertarian.

The system is rigged heavily even at the local levels against third parties. The only way those ideas currently have a chance is to infiltrate the two parties.

For clarity. I did vote for Obama in 2008. Then he proceeded to do exactly the opposite of what he campaigned on for every single issue I voted for him on.

Yes. I have voted third party every electiion since at least 2000. Maybe longer with the exception that I voted Paul as a republican one year when he was actually on the ballot in my state (he was allowed on the actual presidential ballot in my state at that time—not write in).

I have tried to convince many that third party is not a “wasted” vote — any more than any other vote— to no avail.