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RE: The old NONcontroversial Israel-Palestine debate

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Hi @homerus - this is part of a comment I made to @openparadigm regarding the Israel debate you guys (and girl - @vieira) are having...
(and this is an extreme over simplification of an extremely complicated topic)

... I do think the Jewish military have pushed way past the limits of defense, and can no longer just say they are protecting themselves from an insurgency. That being said, anyone who believes Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem should somehow be "given back" to Palestine, would also have to advocate giving all of the Americas back to the Native Americans - not to mention they are forgetting the brutal, Jew hating, f'd up history of the last 20 centuries.

Just to clarify:

I completely support Israels right to exist, and to do so without fear of invasion or insurgency. That being said the horrible things both they and the US are doing to the Arabs is - in a word (or two) "F'ing Disgusting"...!!!
Politics aside, everything humanly possible should be done to stop the hidden genocide taking place in Palestine... One would think both the US and Israel wouldn't want another generation of Arab kids growing up hating them - Oh wait... What better way to keep the trillion dollar war machine going...

This is a great post bro - there are a couple things that I might argue but for the most part you are spot on.


Thanks for the input on this subject. I'm not entirely sure what is exactly the "clarification" you make here. Are you saying the quote in gray is the "oversimplification" or the whole thread of posts is? I'd agree to that last part, in any case. We can't cover the whole subject (from any point of view) in a few posts.

Anyway, I'm not sure if the situation with the native Americans and the Palestinians is similar. I think not.