Totally brainwashed little bitch she reminds me of Violet Elizabeth Bott

The power of progressive emotional persuasion.

I AGREE with your perspective. She should be in school, getting educated on how she can change the world, not lecturing people. Obvious psyop to distract and fuel the climate change propaganda.

I have given this post a 50% upvote because it has begun a discussion and brought focus to the subject of climate change.

  1. Whether I agree or disagree with one's opinion, I can still appreciate their views (no matter how wrong they may be). This posts value, as is all content of posts, is subjective. Though I disagree with the message, there are some viable points (I am not a communist, yet I am a tree hugger).

  2. Facts are facts and common sense will show that pollution and the throw away society that is the world today is not good for the planet or us humans. Don't believe me? Ask our friends in India! Some may deny this, President Nixon, USA (founder of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and a Conservative Republican did not.

  3. Global warming may be just a cycle, but the first Executive Action by the US President to allow the polluting of creeks and streams by coal companies sure don't help the fish, frogs and other watery creatures. Just one of many de-regulating actions by My President (can't stand the man, yet he is my President) that is reprehensible.

  4. I know nothing about this young girl, but what I have read. Never met her and whether she has a type of autism I know not. Hypocrite? Well, she is human and all of us humans suffer from that malady.

  5. The arguments presented by @drakos are reminiscent of the Alex Jones Sandy Hook fiasco (my perception). Our world is in a bad way as far as the environment goes. No birds, no bees, no trees, no air! I can't breath fossil fuels or eat fiat/cryptocurrency.

  6. The whole downvoting thing? I will just keep my mouth shut on this matter. Not my fight. Preservation of life on this planet through education and conversation is my fight. I, like our first President George Washington, am an isolationist (for a much more in-depth understanding of my views see the views of General Smedly Darlington Butler, USMC. I do believe my Country does have a responsibility to the world though. Not militarily, but in not aiding in the destruction in the world that G-D has given us. The children of the world are the ones that will be impacted by our inaction and tribalism.

  7. Finally; this is not a simple subject and there are no simple answers... there are many factors at play. Will we, the human race, live long enough to cooperate and find answers? I am one that usually can fight both sides of an argument (I am a Gemini after all).

    I would hope that this conversation would continue. It is a very emotional one, yet an important issue. No need to worry about the Zombie Apocolypse, if we don't become proactive soon even Zombies won't be able to survive on this planet!

Well thank you for the upvote on my comment @drakos. Now all my fellow tree-huggers will downvote everything I do! It is not easy being a Centrist in a polarized world. Thanks a lot! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

well you got a follow from me, for being polite and inquisitive as well as intelligent.

on 'climate change' (nee global warming) - others have written well, for my part:


Well thank you very much. That is nice and I appreciate the compliment.

Really appreciate your courage to speak your mind about this topic, especially when you know what kind of sanctions and punishment you will face.

The world (and Steemit) needs more people like you, who will fight this insane attempt of ideological indoctrination and heretics hunt, with heretics being anyone who even dares to question the "highest moral convictions and goals" of such ideological movements.

I don't see how is this different from religious indoctrination, since both are based purely on faith and speculations, presenting them as undeniable scientific truths.

The real danger in this particular movement is that it takes a real, scientifically proven truth (climate change), and manipulates scientific facts, magnifying the real issue by the factor of 1000. Add fear-mongering and psychological manipulation to that (anyone who disagrees or even dares to question the established dogma is instantly declared as a "crazy climate change denier", devaluated and punished), and you get a perfect recipe for success of an ideology.

Worked so many times throughout the history of mankind, it will work again if we don't stand against it and speak our minds whenever we can.

Please keep doing this, there are people who support you!

Upvoted and resteemed for visibility!!!

I had a lot of backlash because of this: insults, downvotes, lost witness votes, unfollows, even a whale decided to vote his arch enemy just to kick me out of the top 20! It's a testament to their indoctrination by this new religion.

Morpheus: The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

I can imagine, unfortunately, similar things happen to the people outside of blockchain, they're even threaten with job loss, if they dare to question this and similar ideologies.

And yes, the fact that you're punished only because you spoke your mind about certain topic, is a firm sign of an ideology which doesn't put up with the alternative opinions, or even facts.

Hopefully we won't have to address one another as "comrade" soon ;)

P.S. If you haven't read/watched Orwell's 1984, maybe you'd be interested to do so ;)

Well you still have my MV for what it is worth. You contribute currently and in the past a great deal more to STEEM than just being a witness.That is good enough for me. Hell, even @rt-international (them Russkie funded alt-news source) made a post here on STEEM about this topic. It was not even a video! It was titled:   Greta Thunberg wants you afraid, and big business will make a killing off it

I disagree with you. Of course, the movement exxagerates by taking the worst case szenario as granted. BUT that does not mean that this worst case szenario is not possible.
As extinction of the human kind is a possibility, we should apply the precautionary principle, and this means drastically limiting CO2 emissions.

And even if you disagree with that, also the most propable developments are bad enough. These are not lies, these are science. We have to do more, or we will pay for it and the price will be far higher than the costs of precautious actions now.

So while I appreciate your dedication to science, you're siding with the wrong people (science deniers) here. Weird.

So while I appreciate your dedication to science, you're siding with the wrong people (science deniers) here. Weird.

As I already stated in my comment, manipulation of scientific facts, fear-mongering and psychological manipulation work like charm in most people, except for a small minority, including myself ;)

Unlike most of the people, defending myself against ridiculous tagging is the last thing I will spend my time and energy on.

As you decided to put me in the nonexistent or, in the worst case scenario - permille fraction of the developed countries population who really denies scientific facts, I won't bother placing firm arguments for you, since, if you really wanted (especially since you're a scientist yourself), you would use your head and would found them on your own.

Instead, I will make a useless conclusion about you, as you made one for me, since I guess that's the only way a "dialog" with ideologically possessed people is possible:

I think it's really weird AND sad that a PhD scientist and experienced toxicologist doesn't question allegedly scientific data served for him in the mainstream media, especially when it comes to prediction models based on extrapolation.

Moreover, he argues that the whole economic systems should be changed from the ground up (although developed countries are constantly decreasing CO2 emissions for the past several decades by constant improvement of technology, but I guess that's not enough for you Armageddon people), because there's a possibility (again, predicted by a very vague, ambiguous "model") that climate will backlash at us.

Shameful demonstration of serious lack of mathematical knowledge.

Dear @scienceangel, I think you got me wrong there, which has then caused this emotional backlash of ad hominem “argumentation”. For the record: I did not say that you were denying scientific facts (I think you would not do that, at least not consciously), I said that you are siding with those that are denying scientific facts, which is an important difference.
So let me start by apologizing for expressing myself in a way that could be misunderstood. I hope we can keep emotions out of this and get back to a more serious way of fact-based discussion.

Having said this, I stand by my opinion that you are wrong. Sadly, the arguments I will bring on require some research and a full post. You can expect to see it by one week or so. And I hope you are as open-minded as a researcher should be, instead of clinging to your ideology (I know that you will bristle now and say that you follow none.^^ But in my experience, everyone has his own mindset and ideals, i.e. “ideology”).
You will of course have the full right of counter-argumentation, and I will read it with care, as long as it is fact-based and follows the basic rules of logic and science. I’m living up to my credo:

If your’re bringing the better argument, I might rethink.

As a toxicologist, you should know that extrapolation - not good, and should be avoided
You should also know that models based on a simple linear/ exponential curve are useful as a substitution for a toilet paper
You should also know that if your raw data are showing values between 0,2 and 0,85 (UN report, page 50 something, find it yourself, I hope you are able to do that) are as useful as recycled kitty litter
You should also be able to distinguish between the confidence interval and probability if you are at least literate in math.

However, as I see that you are not, no wonder your research papers can't get more than 10 citations.

Also, no wonder, that you surrounded yourselves (together with other steemSTEM morons) with a Nigerian royal family, as college dropouts are creme de la creme and honorable members.

Ah, the good old argument ad hominem. The method of destroying debate by throwing smoke-balls of needless insults to spur emotions, commonly used by those why instinctively fear they stand at the weaker side of an argument.
I will not fall into that trap and answer with hot-headed anger. You see, I am not you. ;-)

Instead, I will answer in time, with some research done and a full post. May I remind you saying the following about me?

You are as calm and patient as the Buddhist monk.

It was obviously only half the truth. That stupid anti-vaxxer got me fuming, and that is why I invested time and energy to counter him. I hope you’ll make a more worthy opponent. Stay tuned.

to follow up with one thing... breaking news... it's actually Greta mocking Trump's tweet by changing her twitter bio ;)

i checked on - not fake news

LOL so it's just something that Trump said?

"bright and wonderful future" oh wow, lol, now that's next level.

LOL. So she thinks by repeating Trump's words she's funny? Either way, Trump makes me laugh, she doesn't.

President Trump makes me cry inside and get angry on the outside. Guess I am just one of those snowflakes... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

The wicked communist adults who are using this child as a tool will face the judgement of God. Shame on the climate cult and their non scientific false religion of despair and bondage.

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Stupid little brat said:

And all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth

And that brat is a complete idiot because:

Yes, commy mom, economic growth is eternal and never-ending because there is something called science, tech and knowledge. Add some free market and you have all the ingredients

Now that was not nice at all. I care about the environment and the future of the coming generations. Those of us that have those concerns are not all Communists, or members of a cult. Plus, *whose god? Your god, my G-D?

The worship of a god is a choice. I don't speak for my G-D. Evidently you speak for your god. I perceive you a prophetess. Be careful you don't misquote. That may make your god angry.

My G-D made human beings stewards of the earth. Hoping all will be well is all fine and good. Taking action when there is a problem I believe is better! Old saying when I was a seminarian...

Put footsteps to your prayers.

Your comment indicates you intend to apply reason to the issue at hand. The scientific method is based on reason, on experiment and observation. PCB's are shown by observation to be pollutants, and many similar chemical products of industry as well. CO2 is the opposite. It is shown to be a necessary nutrient upon which life on Earth is dependent.

If you would research CO2, you will observe this fact. Once that is known to you, you can then test the propaganda availed to the public for veracity. You don't need to break bread with Greta Thunberg to realize her advocacy of removing a vital nutrient from ecosystems based on photosynthesis is harmful to life itself.



Confirm or deny the above graphics to ascertain the facts of the matter. Proceed accordingly.

Science is not my best academic subject. Guess I need to read more of #stemgeek Tribe's posts. I remember from ecology in the 9th grade though that plants like CO2 (one molecule of Carbon, two molecules of Oxygen). That is a given.

Dumping plastic, fossil fuels and hazardous waste in the water, be it streams, lakes, or the ocean is bad! I live in Pennsylvania, United States where the Susquehanna River is the backup water source. Not long ago, loads and loads of oil from a broken pipeline were dumped into that water.

In northern Pennsylvania and our neighboring state, Ohio, earthquakes have increased and this shortly after fracking for natural gas began. Bees have decreased, birds are just dropping from the sky and dying... something is going on.

The neighbors get mad at me because I feed the birds and their cars have bird poop on them. Well I live in urban sprawl, helped to take away their natural habitat because of all the cement and less worms and plants. My apartment complex keeps manicured lawns with poison killing weeds.

Carbon Tax? I don't know, but definitely a pollution tax. I am old enough to remember being in 29 Palms California when I was stationed there with the Marine Corps watching the smog rise over the mountains from Los Angeles.

Look at what is happening in India and other areas in Asia. That ain't good. Very smokey from pollution.

Image Source:  Wikipedia

I am not a scientist, yet I am learning. Hard to learn today. Fake science, fake all leaves me in a quandry.

I grasp the dilemma you face, but the graphs are relatively simple, and if you examine them thoughtfully, you will understand them. If you choose not to exercise your faculties and remain ambivalent about a carbon tax, you remain susceptible to propaganda that is intended to do great evil, and for that you will be responsible.

Greta does not wax irascible over PCBs, teflon cookware, or other endocrine disrupting pollution for a reason. She flogs CO2 because she is a paid shill lying about AGW, not a honest child defending people from harm, despite the easy to grasp fact that CO2 is a necessary nutrient for all photosynthetic plants, and is the foundation of Earth's ecosystems upon which we depend.

The way to combat fake science is understanding. Willfully failing to understand this matter potentiates existential risk to life on Earth, including people. If you would be a good steward, you will need to learn to separate truth from lies. CO2 is a simple thing, and the fossil record of it's abundance in our atmosphere is clear. You are responsible to society for undertaking the necessary education to oppose evil lies and support what is good and true, because you have authority, as do we all, over social instantiation.

Please responsibly undertake that responsibility and seek the necessary information regarding CO2 abundance on Earth and it's affect on plants, so that you no longer participate in harming society through acquiescence to evil acts due to nescience. You are nescient, you claim. Failing to cure that nescience in view of it's simplicity demonstrates instead ignorance.

There is no excuse for that.

Edit: the chart you posted clearly includes CO2 amongst pollutants. It is part of the fake science and fake news propaganda you lament. Seek factual sources, such as the debate undertaken by actual climate scientists at (watts up with that). I don't think you want to be fooled. I don't think you want to help evil people do harm. The only way to not be fooled into doing harm is to understand truth evil people want to conceal.


SOURCE: GIF created by @sgt-dan using GIMP Software

Many, not all, but many find scientific proof for their preconceived notions. In the case of businesses they find scientific proof to find profit.

Good example is that fat in foods causes obesity. Fake Science!

Processed sugar, which is in pretty much everything now days is the number one reason for obesity, not fat. Many years ago this myth was promulgated by Scientific Studies bought and paid for by Sugar Moguls.

Truth? What is truth? Even the Christian God stood mute when asked by Pontius Pilate. Truth is the information one believes until proven wrong with facts. Sadly sometimes that does not even work.

Is our existence a hologram? Are their aliens? Did we actually have someone walk on the moon? Was Jesus Christ actually an historical figure? Is psychic ability a real thing? Is the world flat?

You will find very differing views on the questions above by very intelligent people. If I am nescience in your mind (had to look that word up, thanks for adding to my vocabularity by the way), so be it. I remind my-self everday...

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.

—Abraham Lincoln

I worry more about my character than some measurement of my intellect. I have known many smart people over the years that had absolutely no character.

I expect you do worry more about your character than IQ, which is why you are susceptible to facts. The argument you seem to be making here is that there are no facts, or no facts we can ascertain. People disagree, which is why experiment has value, to demonstrate the right of it so that reasonable people can agree, because experiment proves facts, and facts give the reasonable basis for understanding. It is factual that CO2 is an essential nutrient for plants, and there seems to be no disagreement on this matter, not even by most unreasonable people. It is also factual that plants are the primary producers of food in terrestrial ecosystems, and if plants get more CO2 than they presently do, they will produce more.

These facts aren't disputed by Greta Thunberg and her ilk. They are ignored. You can test that plants produce more yourself quite easily with a plant grown under lights in a room. When you add a bucket full of dry ice (frozen CO2) you allow to evaporate in the room from time to time, the plant grows faster. There is a limit to the beneficial effect of CO2, but it is far above any level Earth has experienced in history, and 55mya CO2 was more than ten times the level we enjoy today while life throve, including coral reefs.

I don't know about any God or gods being mute. Perhaps those listening would not have profited from anything said, in the estimation of the deities. I have no such foreknowledge, so speak when situations indicate reason is necessary. An interesting thing about CO2 is that without it, plants die. The level at which most plants in nature begin to expire from lack of CO2 is ~190ppm, a level we bounced off during the LGM. CO2 has been being locked up in coal and other rocks due to natural processes since life on Earth began, and returning that CO2 to the atmosphere where plants can use it to photosynthesize is a good idea.

Your character is revealed by your conduct. To be is to do. Should natural ecosystems be grossly harmed, people will be dependent for food, water, and air on companies that produce them. Whether that is the political purpose of those behind Greta Thunberg I do not know, but I do know how to prevent such existential power from being effected over me and mine: restore atmospheric CO2 to levels approximately an order of magnitude higher than it presently is.

You can test CO2 levels in your garage to determine by experiment that plants grow more food more quickly at those levels, and you will observe that you do not choke or strangle in that atmosphere. Those are facts, and if you remain ambivalent regarding easily provable facts in the face of lies being propagated at considerable expense by nefarious political forces, you demonstrate your character.

I seem to recall someone once stating that ambivalence is worse than lies, and recommending being either hot or cold, because those that are neither will be spewed out of His mouth as worthless. It is one thing to be nescient. It is another to be determined not to know. Nescience is excusable. Ignorance is vile, particularly when knowing is so easy.

One can be a good steward of the earth without submitting to the UN plan to subdue us all in the name of their unscientific, political agenda.

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@drakos Seriously, you are revenge-flagging now, and even ocd, impacting the payout of curators who are completely uninvolved? If you bid-bot a post containing fake news you should be prepared for downvotes. For my witness votes I don’t care about someone's political opinion as long as I agree with their on-chain politics, but I certainly don’t agree with revenge-flagging curation projects.
Screenshot 20190925 at 10.30.05.png

I'm expressing my opinion about Greta, that's fake news? Next time don't hide behind OCD/OCDB to flag others. It's not revenge flagging, I don't like daily reports like OCD does 3 times a day, it was an opportunity to flag a few of those.

It's not revenge flagging

What a coincidence that you downvoted exactly the same accounts that downvoted your post before. I am not against downvoting spam or when disagreeing with rewards, but revenge flagging is stupid and probably not the best idea if you are at the edge of top 20

Next time don't hide behind OCD/OCDB to flag others

I am not part of ocd, I don't have to be to be against flagging the posts of a curation project that distributes post rewards to hard-working curators who are not involved in the decision by who @ocdb flags

I'm expressing my opinion about Greta, that's fake news?

As @fraenk pointed out already, you got your "facts" wrong. Apart from that, your words ("with fake tears"), don't match the video, I think she made some good points. Your post reads to me like an opinionated news report rather than an opinion, and since the "facts" you use are wrong, it's "fake news" to me

You can say about Greta what you want, at least she stands up for an important subject and manages to bring attention to it. I generally find personal attacks regarding political opinions pointless, e.g. I don't like Trump personally, but unlike most, I don't judge his politics by his my making fun of him.

This quip I found to be a little over the top. A bit shocking to describe the young lady in this way... you think? Then again I compared @drakos post here to Alex Jones' news stories[?].

She gave Trump an evil look, reminiscent of a psychopath who's about to commit murder.

You've got DRAMA. You are going to be a Whale!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

I have changed my vote to 100% not because I agree with the premise of this post, but because in between all the cussing, hating and such within the comments I actually learned some things and the comments made me think!

Sorry @drakos, the comments are better than the post, but kudos for being the impetus behind a really interesting debate and me learning new words to add to my vocabulary!

The biggest fake Greta Thunberg, they should have sent her for some acting classes before getting her on stage

Regarding the forces in play, rather than the individuals used to effect them, is instructive in the operation of the Hegelian Dialectic, which is based on the adage 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'.

That adage is not true. Both are the enemies of freedom, and that makes them your enemies. How hard is it to grasp that neither of the mobsters fighting for control of the gang are advocates for the innocent victims of gang violence? Apparently, pretty hard.

It is the show itself that is the enemy of freedom. If you don't want to be fooled, don't watch the magic act. People want to be members of society, and this is understood by the powerful who seek to subjugate them. All the players in their show are vectors of subjugation. The only shows that don't funnel people into the necessary opposing factions of the Hegelian Dialectic control mechanism are those not featured in enemedia broadcasts.

That's the side to be on if you want to be free.

Too many big words. Tell me like I am a college dropout (which I am). Actually I don't think a College graduate could understand all them big words! Thank G-D for Wikipedia. 👀

why do you keep writing G-D instead of God? You know it's His job title, not His name, right?

Because I want to do it that way. Why do you ask a question totally off-topic? I guess because you want to do so.

answers like that will make me unfollow. 'because i want to' is not a reason, it's bullshit. you are an adult and there is a reason you do that.

I type G-D the way I do because I am a Noachide by faith. It is my way of expressing my awe at who I perceive to be the King of the Universe.

Follow/Unfollow that is your business. I only answered your question because you seemed frustrated at my first answer which I will admit, was a bit sarcastic and short. I ask your forgiveness for being rude.

no problem, and it wasn't too hard was it?

you also asked why i asked it, and i kind of told you in my last comment: i understand why you do that, but i don't think you've ever really thought about it 'skeptically' - if you want to show respect to the Father, then show respect to the Son, to whom He has bequeathed all things.

God is His description/ job title. His name is YHVH (for want of a better anglicisation) - and it is this name you should be 'feared' of writing. if it was not meant for His children to utter or pronounce His name then it would not be written down at all would it?

for myself, i prefer to do the opposite, like david of bethlehem, and proclaim His name, title and majesty as much and often as possible. peace :-)

I am a former Christian (Independent Baptist) and spent a short time studying for the ministry. I am also a former member of a Messianic Jewish congregation. While I respect and understand your views, I do not share them. I am a Monotheist. I do not believe in the Trinity.

In your honoring and proclamations you may not want to do like David and proclaim nude. You may get arrested.

This is why I did not want to answer your question directly. I do not wish to participate in hijacking @drakos post and turn it into a religious debate. You have the answer you requested. I thank you for your advise.

I have no college of note, so none of the words I write are limited to college edumacated academics. The internet includes plenty of free dictionaries.

The point I was making is that the employers of Greta Thunberg and Donald Trump are opposed to one another, but both seek the same thing from us: more power. Neither are our friends, and you have implied that being opposed to one is tantamount to being our friend. They are not.

Both are our enemies, like lions seeking our lives for their sustenance.

The techniques used I have provided the specific name Hegelian Dialectic for. That makes it easy to research and understand. You are being lied to for very bad reasons, and the enormous expenditure of media exposure of the shills reveals the import of those lies. It is not only in your best interest to grasp the truth, but necessary to society, and all life itself, of whom you are an essential part.

I ran into the assembly of the #fridaysforfuture demonstration in front of the central train station here last friday and all I saw was hordes of egdy teens grabbing a quick snack at Mac D and joining the march with canned beverages... I found that quite humorous actually, after all, we all have to eat and drink and that's what you can get on the go... anyways... the day passed and the punchline of the joke was all these banners and signs attached to poles having been shoved into all the public trash bins causing them all to spill over... pffffft

well anyways... yay carbon taxation, amiright?

I can’t even watch more than a few seconds of her speech, the whole thing is a farce. My social media feeds are full of people hyping her up like that is gonna change anything. It’s easy to yell at big corporations to do better in terms of enviroment but most of us still want to have these iPhones, Macbooks, go to holidays by plane and happily buy exotic fruits and goods that don’t grow where we live. Who is really ready to live off the land in little village and be planting trees with their own two hands, not many, it’s much easier to press retweet and resteem on Greta’s speech and feel good about yourself. Fucking hypocrites.

Agreed. I am one of those hypocrites. I stand convicted. I do my best. There is more that I can do, and your comment has inspired me to do more. Thank you!

Note:  This comment is not sarcasm, the signature line is a self-deprecating sarcasm.

A Tree Hugging Hypocrite

I don’t actually think you are one of those hypocrites because you are more aware than that. It’s the pretending to be holier-than-thou that is my main problem with those kind of people.

Hugging them trees won’t do shit, come plant spruce trees with me here in the Finnish countryside. I promise you it’s no fun.

I am no fan of any group that is fanatical. To me that is cult-like behavior. Whether it be the far-right or the far-left. I have in the past been involved in non-violent activism and some of the folks that I met drove me crazy with their violent behavior.

Sure I get mad about things and I get emotional about things, the current condition of our world especially: Tribalism, fanaticism, nationalism (in the xenophobic sense), pollution of the earth... yes, these things get me upset. What upsets me the most is I do not have any simple answers to these problems and neither does anyone else.

Example: We in America want to save money (especially those of us on pensions).

Fossil fuels currently are cheaper than renewable energy. I just received a piece of mail that gave me the option to use renewable energy instead of fossil fuels to power my apartment. Have not acted on it yet. For me? The responsible thing to do given my views on nonrenewable energy sources, but it would raise my electric bill.

Plastics are cheaper as food containers than is hemp (I think?) Yet, like the little girl's parents in @drakos article; I buy on the cheap at the grocer.

Now yes. I am part of the problem. I could do other things that could help. Yet here is an example of governments (according to the article 33 African Countries) that are acting. That is what I wish for my Country to do. My President might consider them Sh-t Countries (his words not mine), yet they are being proactive concerning a threat to their environments.

The tree-hugger thing? Just a descriptive label for myself I use as I am concerned about the environment. I do not literally hug trees. It is a disparaging label here in America given to environmentalists. I spent a season as a tobacco harvester in Tennessee USA so I am familiar with back breaking agricultural work. I commend you on planting the spruce trees! I am sure they are heavier than tobacco plants.

I am no fan of any group that is fanatical. To me that is cult-like behavior.

100% feel the same. I don’t care if it’s veganism, feminism, far-left, up, down, whatever, I’m gonna disagree just because you can never win with those kind of people. Finding balance is never going to cut it, they search for extreme measures.

Overall, I think people (me included) need to mind their own fucking business more than anyone else’s, cause nobody from the outside will never know your whole life, but it’s easy to judge. Maybe someone sees you drinking from a plastic cup every day, but you never fly anywhere. Maybe someone else never uses public transportation but grows all their own vegetables. We just all trying to survive here with our own struggles.

I am familiar with the tree hugger term, we use it in Finland too, I’m just busting your balls for fun.

30% upvote for being a non-partisan logical human being. Must be the water in Finland. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

We have clean water, air and sooooo much pure nature all around us, we got it good here.

wow, a fucking climate change denier, surprising how even in small spaces like steem you can still stumble across obnoxiously science-illiterate smooth brains like you, fuck off boomer

Bernie, who has declared that climate doesn't change?

Not @drakos. As a scientist who knows the facts regarding AGW lies, I refute your claim. Do you want to know the truth, or just go along with the crowd?

shut the fuck troglodyte

Doing my best, but you keep posting.

meh, you seem cool. Sorry for earlier. Keep on keepin' on my dude

Now that was not nice. Cussing does not help in your view on this topic. I know as I cuss at people when I am drunk and in an argument. Usually calling names, in my case, is because I don't have a good answer why I disagree. That is just me though.

It would be nice to have a conversation with differing opinions to come to a solution. Solutions normally come from compromise by both sides. Resorting to name calling has never worked for me and I have been around for a bit.

When they curse, it makes them feel important and sound like they have a solid background in science where they can express their logic with sound argumentation. That guy must have a Ph.D. in genius.


literally nothing you can do nor say can get near me, you're a fucking loser

This is when I reply to people like you with: go fuck yourself. It's the only language you understand.

that really cut deep man, you really know how to get to me

The use of a sick child for their own purposes is disgusting. Unfortunately, these are the realities of today.

It's intentional. So anyone critcizing her will be demonized as "making fun of a sick child", which is exactly what's happened on Trump's tweet.

How do we relate to the parents of this child? Nothing personal, clean business?

To be honest, I heard about her from a friend during the lunch - and yeah... won't go deep into it... It's all propaganda, everything viral regarding our planet is just another way to influence one target group - yet most of the people just follow it.

Of course, green house effect is completely fucking up the planet - and of course we have all these forest fires across the globe (we had them all the time) - the difference between amazon forest on fire and Australian bush fires is simple - one is smokey the other is burning like hell. No matter what - eucalyptus tree in Australia survives these fires; and in amazon, the humidity is huge that there is actually no big fire at all; not to mention that Amazon is not the biggest producer of oxygen and the lungs of the earth as people say it.

Anyways... yes climate change is real, Earth has a shape of potatoid (actual fact) and here is one of the better talks about climate change - sadly no references to these guys in all these frustrated talks.

Such a bright future for the kid - trump is a genius and a madman.

" house effect is completely fucking up the planet..."

[Citation needed]

No. We're in an ice age. Ice cover varies during ice ages. None of the claims that human caused CO2 impacts temperature are true or demonstrated. If you actually want to know facts about CO2 and temperature please research the fossil record of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere going back hundreds of millions of years.

By doing so, you will ascertain that the claim CO2 produced by people is affecting Earth's temperature is false. It is a lie. (watts up with that) is a site scientists use to discuss climate. Not paid shills. Not CNN. The actual scientists discussing the actual evidence.

There you will find the truth if you seek it.

Pollution ain't helping. Just saying.

she's ridiculous and a child actress or her parents are really screwing with her. lol I can't believe anyone is taking it seriously.

I like to think she started the whole thing with genuine intentions... nothing wrong with saving the environment... but she definitely got instrumentalized as soon as she started going viral

Please see my Alex Jones comment above. 😂😂😂

lmfao you people are fucking wild

Well that escalated quickly. The term communist? Some wear the term as a badge of honour, so the label communist might be a compliment?

It would not be for me as I am a die-hard anti-communist (cold-war Vet).


Image Source:   Image created by sgt-dan using GIMP Open-Source Software

It's the truth though, self-proclaimed communist:


She is an idiot who is making fruit salad:

anarchist = individuals, communist = groups, it's not easy to be both
Anti-fascist, this is stupid because fascism = anarchy + socialism
*(you can't be you and anti-you)

anti-racist, ok, whatever

Conclusion, this is a stupid woman @cyberdemon531

Google would solve a lot of your problems. Search anarcho communism.

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Nice she-male like definition:

Anarcho-communism,[1][2][3][4][5] also referred to as anarchist communism,[6][7] communist anarchism,[8][9] free communism[10] and libertarian communism,[11][12][13][14][15] is a political philosophy and anarchist school of thought which advocates the abolition of the state, capitalism, wage labour and private property (while retaining respect for personal property, along with collectively-owned items, goods and services)[16] in favor of common ownership of the means of production,[17][18] direct democracy, and a horizontal network of workers' councils with production and consumption based on the guiding principle: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs".[19][20]

...abolition of the state... ... favor of common ownership of the means of production... = no state, but state

...abolition of the state, capitalism, wage labour and private property..

... favor of common ownership of the means of production...

So, my tools are our tools, my land is our land, my labour is our labour and so on.

As I said, nice definition of a women with a dick

.01 STU upvote for clearing that up for me. I am still vehemently opposed to Communism and radical Socialists of any kind. Hey, took an oath saying the same many times. I don't hate the self-identified people, just the mindset. Goes against my oath as a Marine, Soldier, and lifetime member of the American Legion.

Socialism and communism are highways to totalitarian states. History is full of examples.

Rojava disagrees

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So is universal healthcare against your oath? Lol

Posted using Partiko Android

No it is not. I think it should be a right. You have me confused. This is the problem in our world today (e.g., I did not vote for Trump, therefore many surmised that I voted for Clinton. I voted for neither, but I voted. I voted for Jill Stein.)

I do not follow party/caucus lines. I think for myself and from time to time my views change and evolve.

I don't like communism, facism, radical socialism (which is communism with a mask), libertarianism (deregulated everything).

I am familiar with all of these isms but not an expert.

There are no simple answers to anything. The only label I would put on myself is maybe a Centrist. Look at both sides of a debate and look for a compromise to solve a problem.

The USSR was not communist, it was state capitalist, open to a convo in another thread if you like.

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Don't shit, the economy was centralized in cities and hard-working peasants were stripped of their own land to create collective farms, you stupid, stupid woman

Yes, by the state.


Posted using Partiko Android

Yes, my dear stupid women, but the state is People's

Do you know what us the full name of China?
People's Republic of China

Do you know what is the full name of Yugoslavia?
People's Republic of Yugoslavia

Unfortunately, from education and school, you learned nothing

you're an idiot, a mental midget, well unread, retarded in your thinking, boxed in by propaganda to which everyone has been subjected.

seriously, you are clueless, your statement is still making me laugh now.
ps - hope you're triggered 'luv.'

Huh? I can't even understand what you're trying (failing) to say lol

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yes, i know. you're clueless.

At least i believe in climate change and that the earth is round xD

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I believe in climate change too. Yesterday was hot, today is cold, summer is hot, winter is cold. See, climate change is real! Must be those evil humans causing it. The Earth is round of course, I never said the opposite.

God that's epic satire.

First world narcissism at its finest.

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Just playing along with the climate change bullshit.

God you are so fucking dense. Learn the difference between climate and weather you moron.

Boy, the climate change mob is angry today. Did you know the climate is different in the north pole vs the equator? Or is that weather too?

Can I ask a reasonable question and get a reasoned answer?

How much CO2 was in our atmosphere 55mya, and how did that affect life on Earth?


You are too smart for those, they think USSR was not communist country

Talk to someone that lives in the middle east and ask them about droughts.

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Oooh! Struck a nerve there with a fan of communism.

No nerves stricken!

Posted using Partiko Android

You are not the fan of communism referred to.

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