MH17: Serial Number of BUK Missile Shows Belonged to Ukraine - Russian MOD

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MH17: The serial numbers on the BUK missile system can be traced to Ukraine. In a briefing at the Russian Ministry of Defence, new evidence was presented about the tragedy that killed 298 people.

The Russian Defense Ministry presented documentation related to the missile which was produced at the ''Dolgoprudnsky enterprise'' in the Moscow region, said Nikolai Parshin, chief of the missile and artillery directorate of the Russian Armed Forces. In addition, the Ministry of Defense showed the form of the engine of the rocket 9D131 with the serial number 8869032.

"As can be seen on the slide, the numbers of components of the 9M38 missile and the number of units noted in the technical documentation stored at the Dolgoprudny Research and Production Enterprise presented at the briefing together with the investigation team are identical today," Parshin said.

The missile was then sent by railway transport to the city of Stryi in the Lvov Oblast in Ukraine. It did so in 1986, evidence that would throw doubt on the narrative presented by the JIT. The ministry also proved that video materials showing a Russian self-propelled launch system in 2014 were edited and falsified, which would put the findings of Bellingcat as highly questionable and whether or not they knew about this editing. A further recording was presented which showed that two VSU members of Ukraine made highly suspicious and ambiguous comments about not wanting to shoot down another ''Malaysian Boeing''. What could they have possibly meant in that recording?


Drago Victorien - Unpaid liar / Media swindler.

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