My Thoughts on the USA migrant Caravan Issue as someone whose immigrated into the USA

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Before we jump into my story lets just look at the facts here. Women, children and men from Honduras have traveled thousands of miles to seek asylum in the United States.

We are expected to believe that this happened naturally and with no outside influence or help.

We are suppose to believe that this caravan broke walking/distance records in this attempt to get to the USA all on their "own" and traversed thousands of miles in record time and pace.

We are suppose to believe that this caravan is somehow different from the millions of other people who legally look for entry into the United States each year.

Obama talked about tightening our borders and strengthening border security during his presidency, but no one seems to remember that. Along with Bill Clinton during his presidency and Hillary has stated many times in the past the important need to focus and strengthen border control.

Since 2000, legal immigrants to the United States numbers approximately 1,000,000 per year. So the borders can be crossed and people admitted, but doing so legally once they have been vetted and follow a legal process that we other US citizens are obliged to adhere to.

This whole situation is heartbreaking to watch because there are many people among this caravan that have been mislead to be apart of this media publicity BS. Their only goal is to give their families a better opportunity in the USA, I cant blame them, but again this has to be done legally.

Most likely George Soros and his minions have there slimy hands over this whole thing, influencing this from the background as another attempt to smear President Trump and dominate the headlines. The fact that many innocent people are used and abused in this process doesn't matter obviously by Soros and other elites controlling things.

As one of the cabal Kissinger once said about soldiers, “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

Further, this whole argument about asylum doesn't even apply here.

"Asylum is a protection granted to foreign nationals already in the United States or at the border who meet the international law definition of a “refugee.” ... The Refugee Act established two paths to obtain refugee status—either from abroad as a resettled refugee or in the United States as an asylum seeker.Refugee status or asylum may be granted to people who have been persecuted or fear they will be persecuted on account of race, religion, nationality, and/or membership in a particular social group or political opinion. "

No one in this caravan qualifies under this definition, even Bernie Sanders acknowledge recently this caravan would not meet this definition.
Wanting to better ones life and situation is understandable, but again needs to follow legal guidelines. Otherwise we will have the same catastrophe going on in the USA as we have currently within Europe within Germany, Sweden, Austria and other countries.

This process is a cold and calculated attempt by Soros and other deep state members to flood Europe and eventually North America with immigrants to drain the public sector, cause unrest among the population and eventually a loss of national identity making those countries easier to topple and or control. The most basic research into this topic one will find countless documents and examples from researchers talking about this plan. In most cases these elites cause the main issue that make the immigration situation start in the first place and than push for these immigrants to enter any country they wish to weaken.

To My Story=

My family and I left the USSR in 1989 a few years before its collapse once those in power knew the country was going down they didn't care as much about maintaining the iron curtain and the first wave of people since the early 80's were allowedto leave.

How did we leave?
My family had to give back there citizenship, diplomas (the government owned those) and become refugees in order to leave. We are Jewish and faced discrimination and as such had a legal justification for renouncing USSR citizenship in order to be allowed to leave. We could not sell any property other than clothes and personal items to get some money together for our trip. Total of which came out to a few thousand American dollars for a family of 4 for our whole journey.

I can already see a Zionist hate connection here that i will get from some reading this, so let me just say 99.999% of Jewish people are ordinary citizens living like everyone else. There are the very top people out there who some classify themselves in public as Jewish, that have been rightfully labelled "Zionists" with all there world manipulation and control attempts. They manipulate actual Jewish people out there for this hidden hand global control agenda. These Zionists are in actuality practicing Satanists (All the info exists on this topic for those who want to know.) I would not consider myself part of this Zionist or Satanist group as our journey to the USA might have been a little easier if I had a few Rothschild connections behind me.

My family and myself departed what is now Ukraine region by train and made our way eventually to Italy. They were the only country at the time that allowed us in and we were there under refugee status. I wont go much into the details of a several week long train ride in a sweat box train car with no AC, laying on a mattress on the ground, with no idea of what the future will hold. Eventually we made our way to Italy where we were housed in a type of homeless shelter/group home style apartment building (which was much nicer that we expected to be honest) until our future would be figured out.

There was no time frame on how long it would take, were were given no funds beyond what we came with and we waited until the USA would allow us access. After a little over 2 months we were finally granted access to the US and the rest is history.

But my point in this quick story is that even though this process was far from easy and was very difficult on my family (I was a little boy at the time) this is the way it was and honestly the way it should be. Each person who comes to a country and wants to be a citizen has to be vetted. Has to come in legally, has to pay taxes and has to do this the correct way. Until we live in a better future where we don't need borders and the current very flawed system we have, this is the way it needs to be.

If anyone wanted to come here and did, the burden on the economy, social services and the social dynamics would collapse and chaos as the deep state wants would reign.

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts.


Superb article my friend, and there is nothing for me to add, you summed it up so perfectly.

Thanks man I appreciate it. Needed to be said, in a world gone mad sane thoughts need to be heard

Indeed my friend.
Have a superb weekend.

You as well

Do you support increasing funding for the govt. officials processing the asylum applications? They are only able to process 100 applications a day right now, far below the number needed to eliminate the lines.

Great questions, If you are asking to increase the budget to help the legal immigration process become faster and more efficient, I am for that as well. But we also have to keep in mind many many things require more immediate attention from existing social services for current citizens that have no budgets, housing issues, medical issues etc. Many many broken parts of our government currently need to be focused on. Making immigration more efficient at least for now would not be my top priority until more pressing matters are addressed first.

Isn't it more expensive to send national guard troops to the border? You have to pile them all up in trucks and move them to the border. Then you have to feed and house them the whole time. Meanwhile, you still have to keep the lights on at the bases they were normally deployed at. It's extremely expensive.

Yet I don't see Trump asking for more money from Congress to process the applications. That doesn't make any sense. According to U.S. law, asylum seekers have a right to go through the process whether they enter through a checkpoint or not. It seems to me, Congress should repeal that law and require asylum seekers to pass through a checkpoint. In addition, it should appropriate more funds so that asylum seekers can go through the checkpoint. This would allow people who legitimately qualify for asylum to go through the process and get admitted to the U.S., while others would not be admitted.

Ultimately, the only way to fix this problem is to increase or eliminate the refugee cap. If more people were allowed in as refugees, as your family was, they wouldn't need to come into the U.S. and go through the asylum process. They could wait in another country until their paperwork is processed - as your family did. But the refugee cap has been reduced to 30,000. It was much higher when your family applied.

Regardless, I appreciate you telling us about your personal experience in this post, and I appreciate reading your perspective on the issue.

I appreciate your input and you bring up valid points. I think the main issue here is if this caravan were to succeed and make its way into the US, this would set a very dangerous precedent and the elites would than start sending in more and more of these caravans to destabilize the US and the economy through social and economic problems that will result. Trump and the rest of the white hats see this and need to end this problematic option before it can succeed.

The asylum rules are not being adhered to in this caravans case and do not apply, if MSM didn't mislead about the asylum issue less people would be triggered and mislead.

Either way the caravan was not an organic movement, but elitists manipulating people and causing situations and than guiding those same people to help them start new problems elsewhere. Once this elite hidden hand is removed, these issues would not happen in such large numbers as they do in this case and with the crisis in Europe as we see. Than the corrective actions can be done once these manipulators are out of the picture.

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