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RE: Wearing a Mask is Useless, But Herd Immunity Seems to Be The Release Key from COVID-19 Hoax

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Hi @acesontop

Do you really believe that wearing masks is useless?

I wouldn't feel comfortable seeing someone next to me in the bus or in the shop, sneezing or coughing and not wearing mask at the same time.

Also it's seem to be obvious to me, that if we do not wear mask then we tend to touch our face much much more often. Increasing real risk of catching this virus tremendously.

but to me, all of these seem to be just pure ways to train humanity to accept complete control over it, by corrupt world governments, to give up fundamental freedoms and rights for a small dose of false security

Truth is, that whatever our goverments (either legally chosen or not) would do - most so called "freedom fighters" will always be against. No matter what. And people being upset about masks are great example of it. Same people would should the loudest if covering face would be illegal - screeming that goverments want to control population with CCTV and face recognition.

Unfortunatelly I believe, that those countries which resist that "control" will end up being controlled the most. I have comparison between what's happening in Asian countries and EU + USA. And that's how I see it ....



Masks have some uses. But they are very limited. masks can protect an infected person from spreading depending on which type of mask used.

The particles are still getting out to the sideways even if a person is wearing a proper mask. Social distancing is probably more effective in this regard. had some great reporting on COVID-19. Awards by Del Bigtree canbe found here.

Hi @d-zero

Regardless on quality of mask - truth is that those who wear them DO NOT TOUCH their faces as often as those who do not wear them.

It's simple as that. And based on all my knowledge about Covid19 -> the biggest risk is related to us touching things and then touching our face. And this risk can be removed by wearing mask.

Cheers, Piotr

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