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Melange of highly censored and illusory video clips reveals the Order from Chaos agenda enacted by the Elite Rulers of society in order to foment division, confusion and a chaotic view of the world amongst the general public, thus rendering the public less able to see who it is that actually deceives them and pits humanity against each other.

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Esoteric symbolism analysis reveals a pattern to the behaviors of the Ruling Elite that lead to dark energies, MK Ultra programming and Dividing and Conquering the general public via their media control apparatus in order to keep the corrupt, hierarchical system in place. Thereby allowing the Ruling Elitists Cabal to continue to enrich themselves and attain more power that they will utilize to continue to further entrap humanity in a faux propaganda-manufactured version of reality. Thus, rendering future possibilities, such as an end to war and the bringing of world-wide peace amongst mankind, as impossible due to such enacted conditions.

By providing a woven tapestry of highly controversial subject-matter, this video links together the I Pet Goat II symbolism with Super Bowls 53 and 50 Half Time Shows and commercials, the Rodin statues enigma, Hollywood orchestrated pro-terrorist psy-ops, numerous false flag censored videos and anomalies along with the Zionist and Freemason orchestrated "Order Out Of Chaos" Agenda.

Download, Cache, ReUpload, Share, the video is yours. It is a gift to humanity...to real humans with caring hearts. Esoteric subject matter is not my normal cup of tea but I saw some things and had many clips that I had saved from the Internet that have now been disappeared down the memory hole by You Tube/Google/Deep State censors. Thus, I decided to make a bit of a personal Magnum Opus that connects a lot of dots. Whether it be for me or others, this is what I saw.


Deeply affecting, and revelatory of the strings we all feel tugging as we dance to their tune.

I remain confident that ordinary people have been, are, and will be free, because physics effects it. Only as long as feeble threads tug in the direction of perceived benefits are folks drawn by them. Presently the evolving paradigm is creating a new resistance to that suction, as distribution of independent means - the best definition of wealth - continues to accelerate.

Money is not wealth, but a contrivance to concentrate wealth. As actual wealth, goods, services, and the community that enjoys them, is availed people via their own means of production, immune to parasitic extraction conveying individual production to overlords via taxation, profits, fees and institutional projection of force, restoration of the natural liberty people are blessed with, and dissolution of the collectivism that has arisen by the concentration of capital and productive power in the hands of overlords of industry, develops.

Across every field of industry physics mandates decentralization as the cutting edge of technological advance, and exponentially accelerates the increase in power individuals gain over institutions technology creates. No manipulation of the weak minded, censorship, or lies can affect the laws of physics, and as reality asserts capability this fact sets us free.

The sooner we grasp that reality, the better we are able to effect more of it. Your insight facilitates that realization, enabling us to seize our freedom from the obscuring miasma of disinformation.


Thank you valued-customer for the accolades and highly insightful response. So true on the physics aspect, and right back at ya on those accolades. Your posts are always valuable and contain a true wealth of information :) All the best to you.

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