January 4th, 2019 - Cyberguerilla Releases New Batch of Integrity Initiative Leaked Documents That Further Expose British Foreign Office Funded Propaganda Operation

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Link to official CyberGuerilla page featuring leaked UK Foreign Office funded Institute of Statecraft PDF files proving additional collusion with journalists and other entities.


Image from link:

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Links to additional Clarity of Signal posts on the subject:

Revealed: Propaganda Financing Between the Atlantic Council, the Shadowy Integrity Initiative Institute of Statecraft, Mainstream Media Reporters and The British Foreign Office


Exposing Mainstream Media Reporters Linked to the NATO Affiliated Integrity Initiative And Proof of Verifiable Misinformation Related To Such Activities And The Spread of Nazism in Europe


November 30, 2018: Screenshots of List of Recently Exposed NATO Affiliated Intergity Initiative 'Reporters'


Integrity Initiative Listed Media Pundits Share The Same Posts Smearing UK Academics As Assad Apologists


Link to Tweet by Professor Tim Hayward:


UK historian and foreign policy analyst Mark Curtis has more on the subject:

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Link to Tweet:


American reporters Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton have also been digging into the truth about the Integrity Initiative:

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Link to Tweet:


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Link to Tweet:


Yasha Levin has more on Ben Nimmo, one of the main players involved with the Atlantic Council and the Integrity Initiative:

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Link to Tweet:


Additional Clarity of Signal/White Helmets Exposed post on Ben Nimmo:

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Link to Tweet:


More here from Kit Klarenburg:

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Link to Tweet related to the Skirpal Affair:


British Professors Piers Robinson and David Miller have compiled more info on the Integrity Initiative propaganda operation via their sites "Tracking Power" and "The Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media":

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Link to Tweet:



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