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RE: Your Code Isn't Safe

There is some merit to those terms, though; we don't need malware breeding, for instance, and in a repository hosting service such as that, why would there even be a need for images like that?


I agree with that idea to a degree. Generally speaking, I think that there are good intentions behind those policies, but they could be used for censorious purposes. Example: taking down nude pictures of someone because they are offensive seems reasonable, but what if someone's 3d print file for a gun part is seen by a microsoft employee? Such a file might be deemed "inappropriate" or "harmful" based on the views of the particular emplyee, despite the fact that that file is breaching no laws and has legitimate purpose (completely legal in the US on a federal level unless the gun you are making runs afoul of the NFA).

Right, but how is this even an issue since GitHub is for source code? What the heck else do people use it for? Enlighten me. Maybe I'm not understanding the bredth of things that it can include; more than likely.

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