Suing for Billions! Web 3.0 Class Action against Google & Facebook

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Brian interviews @apshamilton Andrew Hamilton and JPBLiberty. JPBLiberty is putting together an absolutely enormous class action suit against Google and Facebook for their co-ordinated advertising ban on all aspects of crypto currency and block chain based business in early 2018.

To sign up directly as a member in the class action (no win no fee and you can REMAIN ANONYMOUS!) click here

This ban, Andrew says, directly led to a series of massive drops in the value of all crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. Not only that, it made entire startups and new business struggle for new customers because their access to the two biggest advertising markets in the world was abruptly cut!

Andrew explains why this was, under Australian competition law, completely illegal and what he's going to do about it.

In addition, he's going to be funding the law suit on behalf of anyone, anywhere in the world who held crypto currencies or was impacted by this advertising ban, via a crypto funding system.

The numbers are eye-watering and he will be claiming damages in the 100's of Billions of USD! Yes. That big.

Learn more at

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Thanks for arranging and editing this into a great interview @brianoflondon. You are a star!

Great interview, interesting discussion on the evolution of the internet

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Just ignore Google and Facebook

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