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Before starting; a little caveat, there are illnesses like schizophrenia that can draw people into conspiracy theories and drawing connections that are weak or nonexistent, this is a small fraction of conspiracy theorists. This is a group that deserves empathy.
So many people have this image in their heads when they hear the term; someone who is just paranoid, howling at the moon, or sitting in their parents’ basement trying on tinfoil hats. This wasn’t what conspiracy theorist always meant; up until people were questioning the Warren Commission after the JFK assassination, the CIA wanted to stop people from asking questions about the validity of the report.

Before that, a conspiracy theory was just that; putting a theory that something occurred as a result of conspiracy.

A conspiracy theorist is someone who doesn’t just accept what they are told about a situation, they have the desire to dig deeper, to ask the tough questions that might lead to uncomfortable answers. It is not about ego, or superiority, or feeling like you have the information that others do not. It is merely the result of an insatiable curiosity.

So, instead of being so quick to dismiss something because it requires more than one person to accomplish; take a moment to consider what it is that the conspiracy theorist is noticing that was perhaps not considered.

Thanks for reading.

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It's only a theory until proven, then it becomes conspiracy fact.


And more often than not, given enough time, most conspiracy theories (not involving unicorns, bigfoot, etc) wind up being demonstrable fact sooner or later.

I mentioned JFK; now with what was declassified by Trump, it is now public knowledge that JFK was shot in the head and throat (back and front).

Exactly that is a conspiracy theorist. It is just a term used to discard anyone who disagrees with the version that the government or authority gives on a given fact.

I'm thinking it's an alternative viewpoint on history being a conspiracy theorist i.e. not going with mainstream narrative.
coincidence theorists vs conspiracy-theorists....


That was particularly true about 9-11. The official story is built on layers upon layers of sheer coincidences that led to what was witnessed.... At a certain point coincidences become mathematically impossible.