Why does Hillary sacrifice chickens to Moloch?

Why does Hillary sacrifice chickens to Moloch?

Great Video from Weekend Warrior

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it's children mainly.

  1. cia study on dissociation for torture / beyond death programs.
  2. hypergamie (killing / arming children of others) to help her own
  3. black mail (to impose gmo, depopulation, emf, force vaxx emf, legal immunity)
  4. so kind of voodoo belief (child sacrifice energy)
  5. adenochrone harvesting
  6. funding the clinton foundation.
  7. destroying western nations and usa (ground preparation) for nwo / owg (one world gov (attempt)).
  8. sentiment of power, proving they are above the law, compliance etc.

when will she and all her gang, in the us and abroad be jailed and executed for the non humans they are? when...

the wall is progressing, lock her... dead on arrival.

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