The Pedophile Control Matrix is Breaking Down!

The Pedophile Control Matrix is Breaking Down!

Many years ago I was told that a lot of leading politicians and high ranking establishment figures molested children, I was young at the time, so it didn’t really make any sense to me, I couldn’t really grasp what this actually meant, but every so often I would come across a story or news about pedophiles and I admit for obvious reasons I would always steer well clear of this subject.

Then about 20 years ago more information on pedophiles started coming out in the shape of Jimmy Saville, ted heath and a whole host of other establishment figures who had all been able to freely get away with committing violent crimes against minors, although at this point I came to the realization that everything I had heard and read over the years was, in fact, true, I still couldn’t grasp the scale at which these abhorrent acts were taking place.

Like most people, I have found this a very difficult subject or rabbit hole to go down, and I would often get nauseous or just disinterested due to the mental-emotional exhaustion comprehending that this has been allowed to go on and continues unabated to this day.

About ten years ago information really started to surface in regards to the amount of pedophilia and sexual abuse carried out by Catholic priests over the decades in Ireland and other places around the world and how the victims numbered in the hundreds of thousands and how absolutely nothing was being done to the priests in question – it seemed hard to imagine that these abhorrent acts were taking place in the so-called house of God, however, I was to later discover it was much worse than I could have ever of imagined.

About five years ago I came across Kevin Arnett, I had heard that he had played a key role in exposing the depravity taking place in the Vatican/catholic church and how he was instrumental in getting Pope Benedict XVI removed from his position as pope because of his complicity in pedophilia and other horrific acts.
– What I’m about to say might be difficult for a lot of people to mentally process?

And that is the Vatican/Catholic Church and their subsidiaries not only sexually abuse children but ritually sacrifice babies – I know it sounds unbelievable, how could this be possible?

Please look into Kevin Arnett and all the great work he has done and doing –

When I first started this personal quest for truth, I knew back then that the hardest part for people to grasp in a future full disclosure/declassification would not be all the cures and technology that have been held back from us but the scale and magnitude of the human/child trafficking, pedophilia and ritual child sacrifice that has been taking place, this type of information would be the most difficult for the public to grasp and get their heads around –

I was told that everything would be revealed to the public, but because of the horrific nature of this subject matter, it would have to be done strategically over time to desensitize people because if it all came out at once the effects on the public at large would not only be counterproductive but detrimental.

Also, the best time to release such info has to be done during an economic crisis/downturn because apparently we humans tend to better collectively process information when our pockets are affected.

Three years ago things really started to heat up with pizza gate and comet ping pong, because it opened up a deep rabbit hole into the warped dysfunctional world of US politicians and Hollywood, and what they are really up to.

And although I already had my suspicions that something like this was going on behind the scenes this was reconfirmation because it gave invaluable insight into who and how it was being carried out.

On the 21st of December 2017 (winter Solstice) trump signed this very telling executive order in which it states that the US government will be going after the money and assets of anyone who has been involved in any way with human trafficking.

This Executive order was and is a huge move against these vile pedophiles and was confirmation to all observers that Donald J Trump meant business and was indeed going to the monumental job of draining the swamp.

It is also worth mentioning, In 2016 before Donald J Trump was elected Potus, the NYPD got hold of Anthony Wieners laptop which apparently had footage of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin committing violent and horrific acts on young children, now this revelation was and still is huge because whether it is true or not, doesn’t really matter because it opened up a lot of people’s eyes to the possibility and the idea of what these people are capable of.

Since Donald Trump has been elected more and more information(arrests) has been coming out and the cat is now officially out of the bag and just when you think you see the big picture of this global pedophile human trafficking network, more information comes out and the rabbit hole gets even deeper.

Although I had heard about the drinking of blood by these Satan worshipping pedophiles after they had raped and butchered a child, I did not know about Adrenochrome until about a year ago and this really opened up my eyes to the industrial scale of human/child trafficking that is happening globally.

To my horror finding out about Adrenochrome and how it is sourced, which is by terrifying the life out of a young child so as to make their blood adrenalized so the Adrenochrome can be extracted - really opened up my eyes to other aspects of child and human trafficking like cannibalism, organ trafficking and the sale of baby body parts from abortions by organizations like planned parenthood, and the industrial-scale at which this was happening around the world.

In the last 6 months, the amount of information coming out on this subject matter has been in overdrive and thank god for the Army of anons/autists, patriots, truthers and researchers, because as you and I both know the people who control the fake MSM mainstream media are not only complicit in these crimes against humanity but use the MSM to run cover for those committing these horrific crimes – project mocking bird.

Although the MSM mainstream media has managed through straight-up disinformation, deceit, censorship, shadow banning, distractions, and other means to hide the truth of what has been going on, finally their matrix of control has been breached.

Mathew (Matthew 5:6)

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

There are a number reasons as to why the pedophile control matrix is breaking down, you see long before Q came on the scene, there was already a sizable voluntary army of researchers, truthers, citizen journalists, conspiracy theorists, whistle-blowers, independent thinkers etc. scattered around the world and what Q has managed to do is not only give this vast army of those that seek truth, confirmation and a collective direction (WWG1WGA) but excellent guidance in all areas of intelligence.

This army of true lone warrior digital soldiers has not only got some of the most brilliant minds in it, but it has also grown exponentially to a phenomenal size that the deep state pedos and their gatekeeper shills and disinformation agents cannot deal with and are getting severely overwhelmed in this information war, you see these Qanon lone warriors don’t miss a trick and do this as a labor of love and have got so sharp with the help of Q and trump that they have now literally cracked the encryption that kept this pedophile human trafficking world secret.

In essence, the pedos comms have now been deciphered, for years they have been able to hide in plain sight their criminal activities, laughing and mocking our collective ignorance, however, they are not laughing anymore because the great awakening is happening, you see when it comes to this deep state and satanic NWO agenda, the pedo human/child trafficking element is a crucial layer and although the MSM is still hiding and ignoring it, it is being exposed for all those who have eyes that see and ears that hear –

Since Trump has been president there have been more arrests of pedophiles and human/traffickers than at any point in history and now it has gone global, the MSM won’t cover this news of mass arrests of pedos happening worldwide and when they do cover a story they try to hide the fact that all these recent arrests in the UK are directly connected with the arrests in Holland, Germany and elsewhere.

however we the red-pilled know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes and who is involved, you see this subject of child trafficking for pedophilia has started trending #SaveTheChildren and more people are not only becoming aware but are talking about it more than ever before, which is a big problem - because once a certain amount people know the truth it is all over for them and they will not be able to hide.

The recent move by twitter to ban Qanon accounts is a further indication that their control matrix has well and truly been breached, you see this Q Army is the intelligence wing of what we call the global silent majority, and a lot of this army doesn’t label or even identify themselves as a Qanon or even have to go to the Q board for drops, it is already done for them by a core of what I would describe as highly talented and awakened intelligence officers.

What makes this Q collective so formidable and intimidating to the deep state is its open-source decentralized structure with no centralized authority, which the intelligence communities cannot compete with, there are no programs, Psyops or false flags that can stop what is coming.

for example, although an organization like the CIA is heavily compartmentalized for security and classification reasons, it is completely centralized like most intelligence agencies and this type of rigid hierarchical structure seriously inhibits the potential of its agents and operatives in this type of digital information warfare and if that wasn’t bad enough the pool of talent available in terms of recruits for these agencies is minuscule in comparison to the Q collective, also entry into the “intelligence communities” where ever that might be is only open to a very select few, from a certain type of background identical to the MSM/entertainment industry which in itself creates further limiting factors in obtaining a certain type creative of talent.

The Q army by its very nature has none of the aforementioned issues or any entry requirements that exist in MSM or the deep state, the door Is literally open to anyone with an open mind who is willing to seek out the truth.

This really aggravates the shills because they all appear to suffer from the same superiority complex when it comes to information, knowledge, or wisdom, not realizing that those responsibilities have already been handed back to the people(seek and ye shall find).

(Matthew 5:6)

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

You see the great awakening is a very real conscious phenomenon that is happening worldwide and this awakening process is not an easy one by any stretch of the imagination, for many it tends to happen in a series of stages as the individual's mind opens up and comes to terms with this mind-altering information (Truth), a truly awakened and opened mind is not something to be trifled with because there is nothing that they won’t be able to figure out, see or achieve.

The Q army has not only been assembled to fight a digital information war but also a spiritual war, you see we humans are so much more than we have been led to believe and this satan worshipping pedophile cabal has gone to great lengths to hide this truth from us by keeping us in a perpetual cycle of ignorance and psychological bondage – I can tell you the Q ranks are filled to the brim with psychic and spiritual warriors - if the mass murder of millions of children worldwide doesn’t trigger a spiritual awakening in a person nothing will.

A number of individuals and movements have and are playing a role in getting information and intelligence out to the public, but nothing to the scale to which the Q collective has done digitally, but kudos to everyone who has and is playing their part.

For those of us who have taken the red pill and have awakened, it has certainly been a long and arduous journey, to reach this point where the flood gates of truth have finally been opened up to the masses, and now we have reached this destination it is imperative that we continue to wake up as many people as possible because it will be less sheep for the slaughter.

We Hope You Enjoyed - Live Long and Prosper


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