Not all Angels Play the Harp and Sing!

Not all Angels Play the Harp and Sing!

“Blessed are the Meek, for They Will Inherit the Earth” (Matthew 5:5)

I often wondered who are the “Meek” and what does the word “Meek” even mean? Well over the years I have had time to research scripture and learned that the word Meek is translated from the word - Praus (prah-oos) which in ancient Greek means “strength under control” and was borrowed from the Greek military because their war horses were trained to be Praus (Prah-oos).

Translations from ancient Aramaic, Greek, Latin, and Hebraic texts is a fascinating area of linguistics, because as you will probably be aware a word can have a multitude of meanings and depending on the language used, the context and time period it is used in, will ultimately determine its true meaning, in the case of the word meek, it is open to interpretation, however it is often misinterpreted – you see what this word meant in ancient times is very different than what they say the word means today.

Personally, I know there has been a concerted effort over the last century to not only remove powerful words out of the English lexicon but to also turn once very positive and enlightening words into something somewhat negative – for example the word “Gay” has nothing to do with homosexuality and is gross a misinterpretation of the words true meaning.

In different ancient texts, the word Meek in its original form describes a certain set of character traits such as righteous, humble, teachable, patient, honest, self-controlled, being powerful without taking action, steadfast, modest, not arrogant or prideful, etc,

However, In modern times most people understand the word meek to represent a negative characteristic like submissive, weak, simple, shy, quiet, lowly, docile, poor, etc.

However the word meek in its truest biblical sense actually refers to exercising God's strength.

It is also important to understand that ancient written language texts such as Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, etc. were far more complex than modern-day, written language texts.

Over time written languages have become more simplified, so back in the early 1500s, the first scribes who translated ancient Greek and Hebrew texts to English must have had a real conundrum finding the right word for Prah-oos in the English language.

For some reason the scribes decided to go for an ambiguous word like meek, also we have to take into account the period of time in which these translations were made, was during the Feudal period where you basically had two classes of people the landowners and the peasantry this type of social construct would have also undoubtedly had a bearing on the range of words available that could have been used, remember the first English dictionary didn’t come into existence till 1604, a hundred years after the first English Bibles were translated.

And to add more confusion to the mix the word Meek in English finds its roots in the German word Mich (Me) which comes from the word Ich (I), could these Lutheran trained translating scribes had the insightful wisdom to know about the self (inner or higher self) the true you, not the façade or ego? – talk about words having hidden and deeper meanings.

Besides in the next verse (Matthew 5:6) tells us the deeper meaning of the word Meek -

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

With that said, if we look around the world today in 2020 it becomes quite clear who the Meek are and who they are not?

As a child I was told that all God’s children can call upon Angels for guidance and protection, however, most people either don’t know or never ask? I was also told that angels can be everywhere at every moment? How was this possible I asked?

Well the word Angel comes from the word Angle, Ang-El, The root word Ang means to bend (curve, arch) and the word El, is a shining light, so you could say Angel means “bending of light” or Angle of light and due to the interchangeable nature of the two words we could also say because the word Angle is defined by the space between intersecting lines, where ever there exist an angle or an angle of light, exists an Angel.

The bible uses the word Angel to describe a messenger of God or God’s messenger because God is Light –

To communicate with the divine angelic realm, one must have faith and exercise the power of prayer, you see we humans are so much than we think we are and have infinitely more power than we have been lead to believe.

Ephesians 2:8

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God

As you will probably be aware your mind is the most powerful tool or weapon you will ever have, however, there has been a concerted effort over the years to first distort, then disable our mental and spiritual capacities through the means of deception, unfortunately, the great deceiver has managed to turn many of the faithful into the faithless.

Did you know a Lie has the power to lock you in bondage and the Truth has the power to set you free from bondage –

Can you see how detrimental a Lie can be and how powerful the truth is, Like they (Q) say, sometimes you can’t tell people the truth, they have to learn it or be shown it, thankfully the light of truth is all-powerful and people are starting to awaken #GreatAwakening – people now know there is a real war taking place between Light and dark forces, and it is no coincidence that you are here now not only witnessing it, but are an active participant in it, It's a war over human souls, and you are involved, you see there is no middle ground in this war between truth(light) and deceit(darkness), the enemy is serious and is all in and so are you whether you like it or not.

We rise or we Die

A lot of people are still unaware that all human emotions stem from love or fear, Love is a positive and Fear is negative, so emotions have an electromagnetic polarity that affects our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing, as things currently stand many people tend to be vibrating in a negative disharmonious frequency range and find it very difficult to reach or maintain a positive harmonious polarity.

This is not by accident you see anyone with the predisposition to control a population or a society cannot do so without the element of Fear, and one of the most potent mediums to project fear into an audience or a population is through Media, TV, Radio, literature, etc.

Propaganda is nothing new, however, thank god for the alternative media because the MSM mainstream media has taken propaganda and programming to such abhorrent levels that it has now become fully weaponized against its audience(mankind) –

First, they keep the audience in a state of ignorance through the use of deceit and distortion of truths, then once the audience has accepted their lies, they then project fear through there narrative programming, now most people find it very difficult to accept the fact that the MSM would deceive or manipulate them, but like you and I know, that is exactly what they do, information is food for the mind and if that information is wrong, bad or corrupted, imagine what it does to the mind our most powerful tool or weapon.

It’s not wise to expose oneself to Fake news which is pure negative programming, thankfully the great awakening is completely breaking down the MSM and it has got so bad for them in terms of people not buying their false narratives, their partners have now brought in emergency measures and decided to enforce censorship on all truth (the control Matrix is breaking down).

What type of person or people knowingly and purposely deceive and hide information or truth?

Possession is a very real phenomenon (the devil makes easy work of idol minds) and what I have discovered is that some people are more vulnerable than others when it comes to psychic attack or possession, for example, alcoholics and drug addicts are very susceptible, however, a person’s mind that is not strong through exercising love and compassion usually vibrates at a lower and more negative frequency and is equally susceptible to possession.

Now I’m not saying that all these deceitful liars are possessed per se because the vast majority are probably not, they are something else, you see in every society you have a multiplicity of different character traits, however, these types of people don’t fit into this category because they are void of any real human moral substance, they look and act the part but they lack that true moral fiber that one normally cultivates through life, they are pretenders, personally, I pity them because it’s like they have been cursed to walk this earth helplessly as frauds and imposters in the most critical time in history and get to be on the losing side for their troubles.

In times of old these were the types people that were often banished or killed because by nature they were mentally and morally weak and a liability to have around, how the world has changed from where certain personality characteristic would get you punished to now get you rewarded, my issue with these empty vessels is that they are easily guided in the wrong direction and tend to adversely affect the innocent.

The great deceiver is truly diabolical and to add insult (mock) to injury it has placed these impersonators in high material places for all to see. (Thank god that they are innately stupid and inherently self-destructive)

Ephesians 6:12, KJV: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

Amplified Bible: For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the despotisms, against the powers, against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere.

The reason I give two examples of scripture is that a lot of people do not realize that there are a lot of different versions of the bible with different interpretation – for example, the word Bible comes from the word Biblia which means “Books” so a bible is a collection of books or scriptures – Holy Bible is a collection of Holy books or Holy Scriptures – now some bibles have a bigger collection of books or scriptures than other bibles –

81 Books- Coptic
79 Books- Eastern Orthodox
77 Books- Catholic
66 Books- King James Version (protestant)

Some people might argue that some of these bibles actually have more or fewer books if you include or remove the Apocrypha etc, what I’m just trying to point out is why would some books or words be missing from certain bibles, it is either limitation in translation or bias to certain books/scriptures/words, which is a problem because it shows obvious evidence of manipulation and censorship, none the less even with these limitations, misinterpretations and or distortions the aforementioned bibles are still loaded with enough truth for enlightenment because the deeper you dive and the further you go back in time the clearer the truth becomes.

These rulers of darkness are masters of deception and have for all intents and purposes pulled off a massive deception with new Bible versions like (NIV)New International Version which takes distortion and disinformation to a whole lower level.

Like Angels exist in the higher frequency spectrum, so do demons (fallen angels) in the lower frequencies, however, all realms whether that be metaphysical or supernatural are ultimately owned and governed by the divine creator – God and Angels

Why this is so, is because everything happens in divine order you see there are no coincidences or accidents, nothing is actually random, everything happens for a reason, and as you will probably be aware everything falls within a cycle and rhythm, so timing is everything – as above so below, as with in as with out, what goes around comes around –

for example temperature changes depending on the time of day, time of the month, time of year, it’s the same with light and darkness some parts of the year we have more sunlight and less darkness and vice versa and these cycles or wheels of time affect everything, and because time is infinite we have an infinite amount and type of cycles, so whether we like it or not there will always be periods where we are going to be exposed to more light or more darkness and for longer or shorter periods of time, which comes back to polarity - positive and negative.

The ancients knew all this, Astrology or Astro-theology gives us a map and shows us the cycles of time and as you may or may not already know we have just left a darker cycle of time in the age of Pisces(I Believe) and have entered a more enlightened cycle in the age of Aquarius (I Know) where much more light and truth is bestowed upon us, this would explain why no amount of ritual human blood sacrifice, spiriting cooking or any other horrendous foolish acts can help these abhorrent death cults in their exploits, their magic is losing its power and it will continue to do so, ironically most ancient time/age calendars like the Mayan, Kali Yuga, etc. all point to this crucial period of time we are now in as monumental (Biblical) in its significance, Biblical times.

Christianity finds its roots in gnostic and hermetic teachings, now we often hear of the second coming of Christ, and whether you accept or not that there was a Jesus who attained a Christ state consciousness, it doesn’t make a difference because throughout the cycles of time there are always enlightened and ascended teachers/masters on this earth however sometimes there more than other times.

I know and I’m not alone in this school of thought that this so-called second coming of Christ is not about one individual coming to save the world but is about a collective Christ consciousness awakening, you see a Christ consciousness is the full activation of what eastern philosophy calls Kundalini – remember you, your body, mind, and soul is the temple of God.

Jesus(little Zeus) is a title and Christ comes from the word Christos (oil) and electromagnetic crystalline oil that moves up through the body activating the various glands and chakras crossing the mid-guard and opening up an individual’s polarity to the divine source, now all of Gods children can ascend to this higher state and once it is reached, and the individual in question can maintain this high vibratory state, anything can be achieved because now you are one with your higher angelic self, making you for all intents and purposes a supernatural being with access to extraordinary powers and abilities – (God Like)

The great deceiver has gone to great lengths to hide this truth and made it a very difficult state for anyone to achieve let alone maintain, however, I have noticed it is getting easier for people to increase their vibration/frequency and ascend to high levels of consciousness, it might not yet be to a full Christ consciousness mode but it is certainly higher enough to interact with the 5D metaphysical and spiritual/angelic realms.

Once a person takes the red pill and takes the deep dive down into the waters of truth, enlightenment quickly ensues, you see once the realization that it is all a state of mind, the veil of deceit is lifted and one’s true self is revealed. (The longer it takes to swallow the red pill the harder it will be to swallow) - Get to know thyself, because no one is going to save you except you.

The point I’m trying to convey is that there is a great awakening taking place and those who have popped the red pill, are being fully activated spiritually for the world and battles that lay ahead.

(Matthew 5:6) Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled

The pursuit of truth is the path of righteousness, so I can tell you I feel truly blessed and so should you - it is no coincidence that we have chosen this time and this path to yield the sword of truth and to wear the armor of God and to ultimately become a co-creators of what lays ahead.

As a warrior or a soldier of the most high we were born for this moment in time, you see this hidden enemy we face has given us only one options death through bondage, “We Rise or We Die” which leaves us no choice but to defend ourselves by any means, what is good for the goose is good for the gander - one thing that a lot of people find difficult to get their heads around is why this satanic, luciferin Baphomet serpent worshipping enemy is so hell-bent and desperate to indiscriminately punish and kill us?

Could it be that they know that their time short and once we have awakened and activated we become infinitely more powerful than them, we become limitless potential and we will bring pain like nothing they could have ever imagined, and this is not about revenge –

These people are most certainly stupid, they bought the lie that the great deceiver sold them, and now they will pay the price, they don’t get it, there fallen god idols will not save or protect them from what is coming, the hunters are now the hunted - and make no mistake when I say they are terrified and so they should be, because apart from having infinite untapped potential, humans by their very nature are designed to be extremely combative even warlike, it as though the divine creator put certain countermeasures into our DNA to ensure we will always have to fight to live or survive, yes I agree we are also peaceful however sometimes peace is a luxury that has to be earned.

We humans throughout time are in a constant state of fight or flight(motion) and I don’t necessarily mean against ourselves physically, but in the sense of effort to get through day to day life, without trial and tribulation we would become stagnant and void of growth, we have to be up against something to push or motivate ourselves and what better opposition and even though these dark forces have been very successful in using these tendencies against us through entropy for their own ends, this type of bondage is ending because there are far too many red-pilled and awakened people amongst us.

We the enlightened know all their tricks, deceptions and secrets, you see we have now become real living Archetypes - wizards, oracles, sorcerer, warriors, hunters, heroes, time travelers, etc, we get it, we know all about metaphysics, esoteric wisdom, mysticism, the occult, symbolism, astrology, truth everything they have hidden or used against us we now know and will be used against them, they actually underestimated us? We will not underestimate them for we are the game-changers.

There is no question that these dark forces and their servants I speak of are certainly abhorrent, they feed off our fears, our blood, murdering us at an industrial scale whilst building lie upon lie, however, what is now occurring is similar to what happened to the bloodthirsty elite of the Aztecs when the Spanish conquistadors arrived, the evil there ended up meeting a far greater evil and as wicked as the Spanish were towards the Aztecs, their wickedness was fully justified as far as they were concerned, can you imagine trying to deal with a people who believed that shedding human blood through ritual sacrifice would bring rain, please do not misunderstand my point, because I did not invent retribution.

I’m no expert on demonology, and nor I do not wish to be, however, if you go down certain rabbit holes it will come with the territory, without going into the extensive pantheon of deities, spirits, demons, interdimensional beings, archons, extra-terrestrials etc.

I will say this that defining whether an entity is evil or not, is a very grey area, even the concept of good or evil is non-existent or relative in certain schools of thought, it’s like in most ancient culture, they always have tricksters or war deities, these beings are often both good and evil or the concept does not apply to them, similar to technology it can be used for good or bad.

You see this idea of a king or god of the underworld (hell) is a deception, another lie, and distortion of truth, yes I accept there are indeed negative non-human entities or energies who affect our reality and feed off our fears and harm us, however this idea of a Devil being the supreme leader of the underworld is a gross distortion, you see the concept of Satan or Lucifer has been purposely manufactured for human consumption it's a bit like Father Christmas(Santa Claus), there are no thrones in hell like there are no flying reindeers in Lapland.

Although Christians invented the word/name Christmas, the actual seasonal celebration period was borrowed and rebranded, a lot of ancient people in the northern hemisphere worshipped the rising and setting of the Sun around the solstices, in the case of Christmas its origins appear to stem from ancient Babylon and the birth of Nimrod the Sun God - the rising of the Sun after the winter solstice, also not all Christians celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus on the 25th December, personally I have no issue with Christmas, kids love it and it is an important time of the year because it marks the point where the sun rises again and the days get longer as we head back into spring and summer.

Daemon is the Latin word for the Ancient Greek daemon (δαίμων: "god", "godlike", "power", "fate"), which originally referred to a lesser deity or guiding spirits such as the daemons of ancient Greek religion and mythology and of later Hellenistic religion and philosophy.

The word Demon comes from the word “Daemon”, which originally describes a benevolent spirit guide, so for intents and purposes, the word Daemon and its meaning have literally been demonized by removing the letter (a).

The corrupt and wicked deceivers amongst us have had about a thousand years to cultivate this distorted theme of Demons and then if we look further into the words Evil, Devil, and Satan we get even more distortions, the word evil comes from the Germanic word “yfel” that evolved into “evel” then into “evil” which is “live” in reverse, Evil is defined as bad, vicious, ill, wicked – (a negative or degenerative state of being).

English is a fascinating language and It is no coincidence that it happens to be the universal language and is so widely used (English is German hybridized with Latin) if we look at the word devil which is similar in origins to evil (D)evil – Deofol (Germanic) Diabolus(Latin) Devil is a characterization of the word evil, the Devil was then assigned a name, Satan which comes from the word and planet (Saturn) or Lucifer the light bringer or morning star (Venus) and now we have this personification of evil in the characters Satan or Lucifer – can you see the distorted and corrupted narrative that has been impressed upon people over the last 500 years.

Also, this idea of a Lucifer, Satan, or devil character being expelled alongside other rebel angels from heaven is another half-truth or distortion of truth, yes there is mention of angels being banished and having unnatural unions with human beings in biblical and other ancient texts, but if you dive deeper you will realize these stories come from much older texts - also I have my suspicions on who these fallen angels actually are, I will talk about them further towards the end of this post.

Currently, the elite globalist deceivers who have been manipulating mankind, worship and subscribe to the idea of anti-Christ demonic figures, such as Baphomet, Baal, Lucifer, Moloch and other ancient characters in what amounts to death cultism where human blood sacrifice is their main ritual, and like cannibalism, these types of warped practices are nothing new, and are ultimately done for ritual “magic” purposes and like the Aztecs who in the end it didn’t help or save, those who currently participate in these abhorrent acts believe they gain some magical powers, and I don’t doubt that some of them actually do in twisted back to the front way, also the constant use of casting and binding spells through the MSM has had the desired effect on the impressionable, it’s like those stories we about where people sell their souls.

I took the liberty of putting these symbols the correct way up, you see symbols are extremely powerful, so powerful that it is believed symbols rule the world, not words or laws because words can easily be twisted to literally mean anything, whereas symbols do not lie, this has to do with sacred geometry a fascinating subject, I will have to post about in the future.

The reason I use the inverted pentagram as an example is that it is probably the most common symbol I have seen used in western Black magic ritual when you have two points or horns ascended that represents the goat of the Sabbath or Satan (Saturn) when you have one point or single horn ascended that is the sign of the savior – in symbolism, an inverted figure signifies a perverted power

The inversion of symbols is intellectual subversion, disorder, and folly, and without getting into too much detail about the pentagram and the true meaning of the five points and what they represent in terms of 5 limbs, 5 organs, 5 elements and their connection to man and Phi, I will say this, like most things it can be used for both (evil) black or (good) white magic, for example, the upside-down pentagram used in ritual, attracts or invokes negative evil spirits, whereas a pentagram right side up(single point) has an extremely powerful effect, especially against warding off negative evil spirits.

In life, you can go or do things the right way, or you can go or do things the wrong way, the choice is ultimately ours, the fact that these idiots choose the wrong over the right, really sums up how backward and regressive they are, it’s a bit like reinventing the wheel you cannot improve upon perfection, trying to subvert the divine creator's universal natural laws will only lead to destruction.

I would laugh but this is no laughing matter because their corruption of all things sacred to life has adversely affected and disrupted mankind’s evolution for too long, however, symbols or sacred geometry used the right and proper way are infinitely more powerful and useful than when used in a subversive way.
Only fools despise wisdom and discipline. (Proverbs 1:7)

It is the practitioner that is either good or bad not the Magick

Please remember these Satanic luciferin ritualistic death cults do not have the monopoly on symbolism, esotericism, ancient wisdom, mysticism or even ritual occultism, you see these false idols they worship are nothing more than pagan ideological recreations, for example, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to the concept of Satan - Jewish theology, views Satan radically differently than Christian theology, In Christianity, Satan became the name of the personification of evil, whereas Judaism scoffs at this distortion and rebranding, and as far as their scholars are concerned Satan or the devil as a force of evil does not exist like Christians have been led to believe, and any talk of Satan being a prince of darkness is seen as blasphemous.

like I mentioned earlier there has been a lot of mistranslation and or distortion of original biblical texts over the years and for some reason medieval scribes were motivated to put this Satan character in the new testament which I accept and makes sense, none the less it is still slightly misleading when you look further back into much older sources that preceded modern Christian teachings, you see back in the old days there was a whole pantheon of underworld demonic type deities from the archons to the Annunaki, however, you will not find any record of Satan, but yet this manufactured idol has been promoted to the extent of open idolatry worship.

God's Commandment (1 of 10): Thou shalt have no other gods before Me

When you take a deep dive into the pantheon of underworld deities that were worshipped you will quickly realize there are much more serious and powerful entities roaming the negative end of the spectrum than these child sacrificing monsters that are worshipped by the elite,

you see in the so-called demonic realm, not all demons deceive, hunt or feed off humans, most tend to hunt and feed off other demons, and are not interested in earthly affairs, some will even fight alongside us, against other demons, remember there is no love or unity amongst demonic negative entities, the same dark forces that these serpent people serve, actually hate and despise them and want them dead.

now I’m not suggesting or recommend anyone call up or invoke a demon for protection or guidance because we have angels and the most high within us for that very purpose, however from where I’m sitting it appears that the hounds from hell have already been unleashed to go after these freaks in the sense that sometimes in warfare a special type of dark, bad and wicked is needed for certain types of special operations which involves capturing punishing or executing those who insist on worshipping and serving evil in both the physical and metaphysical realms - and I see a huge army of the most wicked fighting for the GOOD, powerfully dark individuals who have chosen to be placed here on earth in this period of time for the sole purpose of destroying the abhorrent who walk amongst us.

In the picture above is Bez(Beset), this beastly character is a godlike deity and operates within the confines of the dark underworld and although he is classified as a deity, I would argue this is the quintessential archetype demon, ironically bez( beset) brand of wickedness is solely focussed towards other malevolent demonic entities and their human servants, specifically those that do harm to babies, children and the innocent, the reason I find this bez(beset) deity so fascinating is that it is still worshipped and called upon by good witch doctor(shamans) across parts of sub-Saharan Africa today as a potent countermeasure against those who resort to wicked acts of blood sorcery.

Those who resort to the dark arts and crafts especially when it involves human blood sacrifice are playing with fire that will burn them, you don’t get to play with certain forces, weapons or energies without a cost and penalty, hell is what could be described as a negative frequency prison (prism), that is home to a whole range of negative entities, and tapping into this frequency is like opening a door or channel/portal to this prison (prism) and exposing oneself to forces that want you locked into this bandwidth with them and consider that a substantial amount of these dark forces/demonic entities are permanent fixtures stuck in eternal limbo(void)waiting to be dealt with, I can only imagine that this place would be in a perpetual state of war and darkness with no peace –

(2 Peter 2:4)

For if God did not spare the angels having sinned, but having cast them down to Tartarus, in chains of gloomy darkness, delivered them, being kept for judgment;

Another perspective into this soul-selling business and the abhorrent act of ritual child sacrifice is that the soul of the perpetrator is recycled straight back to a hellish part on earth to face the same fate and pain as they meted out in their previous life or lives, continuing a perpetual cycle of pain and suffering until the most high decides to press the stop button - I’m not saying all victims of child abuse/murder, ritual or not, we're in a previous life wicked themselves because I do not know that, but I do know those who participate in these types evil wicked acts will have it done back to them –

The concept of soul harvesting I.e. capturing and recycling of souls is another fascinating subject because if it is in fact true then I believe it would involve some kind of advanced extra-terrestrials technology.

Over the years, most if not all Religions have been used for the sole purpose of exploiting and controlling people in the most brutal way and Christianity is no exception, however, have you noticed there is a concerted effort to specifically target and discredit all things Christian, the reason for this is, because as much as the controllers have tried to manipulate and distort these books and their teachings, they are still packed with enough extremely enlightening information that would empower its reader and those that really dive deep and compare the different bibles and investigates there root sources cross-referencing will know truth and be beyond any and all deception, you see the bible in a simplistic description, is not just a long list of thou shalt not and encrypted prophesies but an epic tale of a war between GOD and the rebel gods trying to usurp his thrown, the Bible will certainly give you answers and lead you in the right direction to truth – A powerful book with profound information.

I must mention the catholic church because it is the largest/richest religious institution in the world and sits at the top of this global spiritual exploitation racket - as you may already be aware it is much worst, not only are a large majority of their priesthood practicing pedophiles, nearly all high ranking (9th circle) priests, bishops, cardinals even the Pope are active participants or complicit in ritual child sacrifice.

I’m also of the school of thought this is the last pope, because the Vatican, Catholic Church, Jesuits and all there other subsidiaries are nothing more than global child-killing institutions that are as far away from the most high as you can get.

Being a Catholic doesn’t make a person bad, quite the contrary because the vast majority of people who follow this brand of Christianity are usually ignorant to these aforementioned facts and I personally know there are some good priests and a few high ranking members who are against what has been going on, however, it will not be enough because the catholic church has been behind too much of the wickedness that has plagued our world and when the veil of deceit is removed and the true horror show is revealed on what they have been doing and what they really serve it will be over for them – the catholic church and Vatican are the fabric that has been holding this big fat lie together.

Let me remind you that you are a spark of the flame of the most high - think of it like this you are an immortal being having an experience at being mortal.

The plan of those that live in reverse (evil) was always going to fail, and fail miserably, God (the most high) in the end wins and those who pervert and distort in the end lose, can you see that there plans and actions are backfiring at every level on a monumental scale, the bible is a good example, it has been used to manipulate and exploit mankind for hundreds of years, but now that man is awakening this book is being used against those who have chosen to deceive and worship the lie. – Vengeance is mine, I will repay, In due time their foot will slip, for there day of disaster is near, and their doom is quickly coming – you see the most high has already evened up the playing field for us, and everything that has been used against us will be used against them- Divine Retribution.

(Ephesians 5:6) Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.

At this point in the year 2020, we must put things into perspective, in this war between light and darkness, the light has already won, it always does, but the fight is far from over, there are still many battles that lay ahead because this hidden enemy does not know it has already lost and will deny the truth till its end.

Although we are at the final stages in these battles, this is going to be the hardest and craziest part - as far as I can see we have breached enemy lines and pouring into their positions however it will take a few years before we are at the other end of this clean-up operation because this hidden enemy is dug in deep and is holding a lot of ground.

We also have to take into account that the worlds monetary/financial systems are broken beyond repair and although this is a good thing because this is the mechanism they have used to suck the life out of us monetarily, and due to greed inherent in man, I foresee a lot of resistance in regards to the control of money and resources, you see the ultimate key to their control is money, they lose this they lose everything and I hate to say it but these dark forces have a lot of it and will spare no expense in trying to keep and get more of it, money is at the root of all evil, but money makes the world go round, We the people will snatch back control of money.

So in the coming months and years, I see the War will be at its hottest as these demons and their servants are extinguished, and they will try to take as many souls as possible and try to destroy as much as possible before they are gone, so for the next few years we must keep the faith because we will have setbacks and times where it appears that the progress is too slow, but this is part and parcel of the challenges we will face, you see tens of thousands of people worldwide are waking up every day and those who are already awake are getting stronger and smarter by the day. This hidden enemy has deployed all its assets. We have "yet" to deploy any of ours, it’s quite incredible because these lowlifes know that they are actually speeding up their own demise and can’t do anything about it.

"All warfare is based on deception." Sun Tzu

It is imperative that the still unawakened amongst us come to the realization as quickly as possible that everything they have been taught and shown is a series of fabricated lies and distortions so that we can heal and rebuild, I kid you not, these low lives have lied about everything(so question everything) and have gone to great lengths to erase as much recorded truth as possible, and it is this rediscovery of truth that will destroy them - ignorance has been another key to their control – remember they have now lost control of information, in this the greatest information war that is now taking place.

They seem to enjoy worshipping pain and destruction, so PAIN and destruction are what they will be getting, we will answer their negative prayer, this is the beginning of the end for them - all is fair in love and war, the Kali Yuga ends in 2025 so from now till about 2030 I recommend that you stay strong and always prepare with a thankful prayer.

I have often wondered and been asked if those at the top of this evil Luciferian elite power structure that has been controlling this planet, are they human? Could they be extra-terrestrials, aliens? I have an open mind to all possibilities - I am familiar with the secret space programs, advanced exotic and reversed engineered technologies that are being hidden from us, as well as the numerous non-human species that observe or tamper with us, so my answer is it could well be because whoever they are not like me a human with humanity, however, I’m sure all will be revealed in good time.



Live Long and Prosper

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