Mandatory Mask Wearing is a TAX on AIR and something else?

Mandatory Mask Wearing is a TAX on AIR and something else?

Human beings can live weeks possibly months without food, and days, possibly weeks without water, however, we can only live a few minutes without Air – (the current record for holding one's breath and not breathing is about 20 minutes) - So pretty obvious how important breathing is to Life and Living.

The first thing a baby does the moment it comes out of the womb at birth is to breathe Air, a newborn baby’s first cry is to kick start their lungs, an obstetrician will suction the babies mouth and nose to clear away any mucus or amniotic fluid to make sure both nostrils are fully open so that they can breathe properly. (The first breath of Life)

Without getting too deep, something worth considering is that the two most important and crucial things for a human being to be able to live, you cannot really see or touch?

Time and Air

The importance of air and breathing has not gone unnoticed and has been observed throughout time to the extent that it qualifies as a true science in practically all areas of ancient medicine -

in Oriental Medicine, Eastern & Hindu Philosophy air and breath is seen as a life force - Breathing is life and life is breathing.

If you haven’t already, I implore you to research Chi (Qi), Prana or Prana-Yama, because the breathing practices associated with these types of exercises, medicines, or philosophies are the foundations to Mediation and Yoga, you see it has been long discovered that the human body has extraordinary even supernatural capabilities that can be activated through the Mind via very specific Breathing techniques.

Wim Hof is an excellent example of what can be achieved through the power of breathing, in virtually all sports it is a prerequisite to have a strong lung capacity and be able to control breathing if one wants to be competent in that discipline.

Even with arts and crafts, you will need to learn to breathe properly, in fact, I will go as far as saying that in all areas of life, being able to inhale and exhale properly is a standard requirement, because thought processes like concentration and focus can only be activated through the respiratory system.

Because breathing is an autonomic reflex most people take it for granted and pay very little attention to the in an exhale process and tend to let the nervous system regulate breathing in an autopilot mode not realizing that by controlling the heart rate all emotions and behavior patterns can be controlled through the power of breathing – Fast breathing speeds up heart rate, slow breathing slows down the heart rate.

Whenever someone says to me nothing in life is free, I always say the Air is free and that is the most important thing to life -

Fresh early morning air is the richest and most oxygenated air available, and it's totally free and the only thing you have to do to obtain it, is get up early and find it in a field or woodland also fresh windy air is really good, but remember to always try to inhale through the nose (nasal passage) and although we can and do breathe through the mouth, I have heard it is designed more for eating and speaking.

In regards to masks, there are a number of situations I would personally recommend wearing one for example to stop any pollutants, fumes, or contaminants from being inhaled into the lungs, which is really common sense, just like ear or eye protection.

In case you didn’t know wearing a face mask for long periods of time adversely affects the health of the human body, you see there is a lot of disinformation being pumped by the Mainstream Media (MSM) in regards to face masks being able to protect against Coronaviruses (pathogen), which is a gross distortion of the truth because it all comes down to the health of the individual's immune system.

A person with a strong and healthy immune system actually does not really need to wear a face mask for protection against pathogens and person with a weakened immune system, a mask will not necessarily help in protecting them against a pathogen and could make them even more susceptible to catching one because any impediment to the bodies respiratory system will diminish the health of the immune system –

I will say there are circumstances where it would be prudent for an ill person within a certain environment to wear a face mask to protect themselves and others.

You see most if not all highly contagious airborne pathogens do not survive long in an open-air environment because there are way too many variables in terms of temperature and humidity fluctuations that will instantly kill the pathogen in question.

Yes, pathogens can linger for longer at a constant temperature in an enclosed area without ventilation and clean circulating air, however, the solution for these types of environments would be to clean that area and get fresh air in, rather than to allow people into these areas/places with or without a mask.

All this fear-mongering and pushing for mask-wearing to be mandatory is not about concern or welfare for the public, it is about control, and anyone who pushes the narrative that people I.e. the general public should all have to wear masks should not be trusted because they want you in state of psychological bondage, in fact, this mandatory masks argument is very similar to the pro-vaccine argument because the same people that push mask-wearing are the same people who would push for mandatory vaccines.

No matter what country you go to it is the same type of bought and paid for suspects pushing this mask-wearing agenda, I’m in the UK and its nearly identical to the US in terms of the fake mainstream media (MSM) and corrupt NWO globalist political hacks going crazy trying to shove this mask-wearing down everyone’s throats, who could have imagined a year ago there would be an obsession with masks that turns into a must-have fashion accessory for summer 2020.

however I will say in the UK the control matrix is breaking down because even with all the fear-mongering and subliminal coercion a large proportion of the public will not wear one, they tried to make it mandatory on buses and the London underground but that didn’t last long, now the government is pushing for mandatory face masks to be worn in all shops from the 24th July 2020 – In this measure shop staff will not be required to wear a mask, however, shoppers who do not wear a mask could be fined a £100.

This is an extremely divisive move by the British government and will backfire big time, by trying to pit shop staff and shoppers against each other is very dangerous and could mark the beginning of the end of the UK's parliamentary democracy government system.

however, I’m slightly confused as to why they would attempt to push something that will undoubtedly undermine their control over the public, you see the British people on the most part will not comply with this order and will be next to impossible to enforce, don’t get me wrong we have our fair share of busybodies and frightened sheeple here in the UK but there are way too many more people who will double down against what will be for all intents and purposes a Tax on Air.

It's almost as though the British Government/Establishment wants to not only encourage mass decent amongst the public at large but also wants to annihilate the economy at the same time by subversively trying to quarantine the healthy with face masks.

We know that this mandatory mask-wearing for the most part is wholly unnecessary so who benefits? And why now the urgency?

I was thinking that since the lockdown started so far the only people masks have helped and aided were Marxist agitator organizations like Antifa and Black lives matter with their rioting and looting and we know these luciferin pedophile elites also like to wear masks for recreation?

Could it be that the storm is upon us and shit is about to hit the fan in terms of mass arrests and the truth being revealed to public I.e. the takedown of the deep state child trafficking, elite pedophile rings and its tentacles in government and the MSM – Could it also be that the UK government is now using mandatory masks as a multi-layered countermeasure to help hide these criminals and enable them to move around incognito and not be identified when the truth comes out –

If I am, in fact, correct that the British government and MSM is not only using mandatory face masks to subjugate the public but also to help run cover for elite pedophile rings, then we better get our popcorn ready and buckle up because we are about to see some serious swamp draining and the unraveling or deconstruction of the old systems of control.

Although I’m against this mandatory mask-wearing Psychological operation (PSYOP), I can see how the enlightened amongst us, can use it to our advantage in a covert manoeuvrable sort of way - you see we can also play the wolf in sheep’s clothing game.

If you are in the UK and you absolutely refuse to wear a mask there are plenty of reasons you can give for not wearing one - like you can site a whole list of respiratory illnesses or diseases that will exclude you from this mandate also an asthma inhaler will prove useful because doctors and health professionals all strongly advise against the use of face masks for asthma sufferers - and if you don’t have asthma, an inhaler or any respiratory problems just tell the busy body in question that you do and you are exempt because of a medical condition, remember do not be a victim play the game if you have to.

If you are also the type that despises masks but doesn’t mind going undercover and will wear one for a means to an end, you don’t actually have to wear a mask per se, any face covering will do like a scarf or handkerchief - a face covering can literally mean anything also these are government guidelines.
Interesting video Below -
Please do not misunderstand me, I’m not telling anyone to comply with this subversive face mask/face covering mandate in the UK or anywhere else for that matter, what I am trying to tell people, is to wake up and smell the fresh air because there is a real war being fought out for our freedoms.



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