Gina Haspel got Played like a Piano?

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Gina Haspel got Played like a Piano?

You would be forgiven for thinking who the hell is Gina Haspel and why on earth would anyone want to play her like a piano?

Well in May 2018 during Gina Haspel’s confirmation hearing in DC to become the new CIA chief nominee, was abruptly interrupted by a former CIA officer turned political activist named Ray McGovern – video footage below

At the time of this incident, I was slightly confused as to why Ray McGovern would feel the need to object so vehemently to Haspel being confirmed as the new CIA Director, now if you know anything about Mr. McGovern you will know that he is a good guy, so for him to be so openly hostile towards her, you know old Gina needs a closer look.

Now at a quick glance and it could be my own bias but there is something about her, that is not quite right and to add further confusion to the mix, why would Trump nominate someone so obviously sketchy to be the head of the CIA.

Well something very interesting happened a few months earlier in March of 2018, we had the supposed Salisbury Novichok Poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, which was probably the most poorly executed false flag in British history, the Novichok shit show was so obviously bad that I had to write about it –

Anyone who watched these events unfold with open eyes could easily see how pathetic the story was that the UK government and mainstream media (MSM) was trying to push onto the public, without a shred of evidence the UK government immediately blamed Russia - this is also where I first witnessed the complete futility of the OCPW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons).

Initially, it appears that Potus Trump wasn’t buying this cock and bull Fake news story either, however, he was apparently persuaded by then deputy CIA director (now director), Gina Haspel, to take the “strong option” and expel a load of accredited Russian diplomats -

The next month in April 2018 it became apparent why trump decided to change his mind and go for the “strong option” – Gina Haspel had shown him pictures of sickened children and several dead ducks that were apparently caused by this chemical attack in Salisbury (UK).

Could the deputy head of the CIA be stupid enough to knowingly give the President of the United States purposely falsified information?

I remember thinking whilst following this story, that Donald J Trump is no fool and did Gina Haspel just play herself, because only the most corrupt are that stupid, and Ray McGovern was right about Gina being no good.

Not long after these events, the news cycles quickly moved onto something else, so from then till now, I have had plenty of time to witness the plan unfold in terms of taking down the Satan-worshipping global deep state cabal.

I have to give a shout out to Greg Rubini because he recently posted a series of questions on twitter that I happen to stumble upon.

I will show some of the tweets in this post – however, the general direction these questions were going in was quite revealing - John Brennan was Gina Haspel’s boss? She was also the London CIA station chief between 2014 -2017? – Why would trump promote her knowing this? Etc.?

I’m glad my attention was brought back to Haspel because it all makes sense now, future proves past, When trump was being spied on in what is now been coined Fisagate/Obamagate, it appears that Gina Haspel was one of the key players involved in terms of operations in Europe to overthrow a sitting US president -

When you look into Gina Haspel’s history in the CIA, which I recommend you do, (a lot of it is public record), you will quickly discover she appears to be a real vindictive tyrant, the type of person you really do not want in a position of power or authority.

For some reason, even after having a piss poor reputation in her previous CIA posts, (CIA Director John Brennan) in 2013 promoted Haspel as acting Director of the National Clandestine Service, which carries out covert operations around the globe, and then a year later in 2014 appointed her as the London CIA station chief till 2017.

There is more because I suspect that Russian speaker Gina Haspel, would have undoubtedly worked with British intelligence and known Sergei Skripal the former Russian spy and more than likely would have also known of Christopher Steele and his dodgy dossier?

Now that we have established that Haspel is most certainly a deep state player. And more than likely handled by John Brennon, the reason I believe that she has been played so beautifully is that a lot of deep state operatives played a part not only in the spying on Trump before, during and after he was elected the US president, but also had a role in the attempted coup and overthrow of a sitting president.

In the case of Gina Haspel, I believe Donald Trump knew all about the criminality that she has been involved with especially against him, however, I think it would be quite difficult to prosecute her, for the role she played in this criminal conspiracy because for all we know Obama aka Barry Soetoro might have given her or Brennan a presidential pardon before he left office.

So the course of action that Trump appears to have taken is to bring her back into the loop so he can get a closer look at her and the role she played, as well as the role she has continued to play - you see, now she has most certainly incriminated herself and has played into Trump's hands.

I don’t think it really matters at this point in time if she is prosecuted or not because either way Trump holds some heavy-duty leverage over her and I reckon she knows it.

The wheels of justice will catch up to her, however, there could be salvation if she is willing to admit her part in this Obamagate criminal conspiracy and give up the likes of John Brennan and all the other treasonous swamp rats.


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