Iran bans Crypto Currency?

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What is wrong with people in the WEST. Ignorant of history and politics. Yes we know there is a dark cabal of evil people around a table figuring out how to screw the little man so that they can control robots and continue sipping margaritas by the indoor retractable pool. Why is it retractable? Because they have enough money to retract it!

With names like "Supreme" Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, it's amazing how people hate their own country more than these guys. As if "Supreme" leaders were ever a good thing. Look, not to get too political but it would seem the West has many more options in regards to "freedom" than any country without an actual democracy. Iran is banning alternatives to banking; especially when their fiat currency is being demonetized.. yah even less freedom.

Don't be a hypocrite and point out all the failings of the "West". I hate the way the West is slowly eroding our rights. The only difference is that the rights we are foregoing lead us to "Supreme" leaders! That's what we should be protesting. Could you imagine? TRUDEAU SUPREME LEADER OF CANADA.

Let's call a spade a spade. Yes I know the Illuminati, Zionists, Jesuits, Vatican, Leftist, Fundamentalists are coming after YOU and your fiat, but it sure looks like "Supreme" Leaders are just those same puppets. Remember that the next time this guy calls out the BIG SATAN, and Little Satan.

It's ok though.. give em nukes!

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people need a wake up call. Their priorites are so out of wack!

100%!! Thanks again for the upvote.

getting political @bearbear613 ? Good luck!!!

sometimes.. it's risky lol

Aryan ---> Iran

I wish this were just a rumour, but the etymology and multiple sources seem to confirm it. (I would be very happy to be corrected if anyone has contrary information.)

So fast to forget...


Must be connected...

In America the "thing wrong" is that nearly all indivodiuals in the general populace do not exercise their right of due process for every little encounter with agents and government agencies. There is a lack of understanding that every question by an agent is technically a "search" and requires probable cause.... That the liability for every tax, fine,fee,etc. must actually exist for it to be assessed properly. "Show it to me so I can pay it!"
I know its hard and costly, but .... if more people did it and more people circulated silver and gold coin, in their face to face dealings, and cryptos, to avoid using "Their" currency, we could restore our republic and defund the military industrial complex. Amazingly it "seems" easier to send some of Their currency to some one or some group to support that effort. However that has kept us on the same path.

true, and Ihave no problem with that. The difference I guess is in Iran it's obvious you have no rights for search and seizure, while in the West there are SOME types of recourse.. so in one case I'll never get back my money and probably be executed or jailed if I complain, while in the USSA you MIGHT be able to get your money back if you spend enough money on lawyers.

If you are worried about getting your money back and/or want an attorney to "win" your case, you missed the whole point of execising your personal sovereignty. If you need assistance of counsel, that is one thing. And an attorney can actually help you if he or she wants to. But if you don't know how to direct them, they are not going to tell you how to get YOUR issue heard before the opposition's issues are addressed. The attorney works for the judge, even though you might be paying him. So you need to exercise YOUR court. It can be done through the process. But you have to see that your helpers are doing what you want them to. Otherwise they will want to either cut a deal and move on or bleed your bank account dry as they "practice" on your dime. The problem, and the solution to those problems, lies with the person you see in the mirror.
Remember, I am talking about jurisprudence, not politics. So when your policy is to question every move your government agents make, you use the law. Jurisprudence is the science of law.
As my brother often tells me, "If you want someone to do it for you, they'll always do it to you."

as these events affect the price of currencies and lead to market fluctuations.

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