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RE: Blockchain as the liberator of the masses from the claws of the NWO

in #informationwar4 years ago

I entirely agree. Censorship comes in many forms. You are free to post what you want (and can do so quickly at low cost) through a WordPress blog. Just because you are free to write it doesn’t mean others will have access to it. After writing, you then need to show up in Google search to be found and read. Google becomes the gatekeeper.

Similarly on SteemIt, you can post what you want (like the views you expressed here) but it takes centralized incentives to bring your views forwards. In this case, crypto.piotr shared your link with me and encouraged me to read it. Without that, your ideas would not have been shared with me.

The problem isn’t the forum to create and share ideas. The problem is the ease of access and awareness of those ideas, which still are largely centralized.


Dear @bdempsey

Appreciate your comment. Thanks for sharing your opinion on that particular subject.

Cheers, Piotr

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