The 2020 Bitcoin Halvening: Clear Price Chart Shows a Big Run Up is Honestly Due. | 527 Days Away Folks. - May 26th 2020.

In the Information War, it's great to have charts & related info.

17 months now, til the next #Bitcoin mining reward being cut in half as per consensus rules. The green to blue areas show the run up to the halvening. #BTC

Big picture $btc price chart.

As of today, it is ~527 days away / Reward-Drop ETA date: 26 May 2020 17:06:02

Check it out here:

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Give Me Liberty.


Yes, that's a pretty clear and obvious trend there @barrydutton... seen variations of that and it seems almost regular as clockwork. Of course, there's always the risk then when people declare something "solid," it starts to fall apart because people pre-anticipate the run-up.

It is nice to hear from you my man.

I agree with everything you said.

I have noticed WRT that that even if that happens, the elliptical curve accounts for that usually with the FOMO or FUD baked into the hype or charts, the curve seems to be the same. Early days for indicators just mean early..... the trendlines usually seem to look about the same.

For this market cycle, honestly, we have to be at the bottom or at least close, honestly, this has been painful LOL

That is "stellar" information and a good update!!!

Pun? Yes.

Look at those green into blue run ups..... it is unmistakable.

Hope in the bear market for sure.

I love charts, they help almost anyone understand things quickly and easily, even if they are not a visual learner.

Hope is good!!

I know you have been targeted here for truth speak, you have always put out some of the best content going period, lots of useful, practical stuff.

Yeah, a bunch of people here broke my heart, that is for sure. I worked so hard for so long just trying to help people and make good content.

Thanks for everything.

Great, it's very trusted analysis. Hope you will let us know in 26 months again, so we don't miss the run :-)

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