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RE: Steem is centralized shitcoin "Justin Sun's Steem", it is 100% controlled by Justin Sun... Decentralized Steem is dead

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When the Ninja-mine was discovered the coins should have been forked off. The best time to fork off the ninja-mined coins was the first day it was discovered, the second best time to fork it off was the 2nd day, the third best time to fork it off was the 3rd day, etc...

That's because you hardly thought about what you're saying, because if you consider that the ninjamine wasn't hidden and that it was owned by the same entity that created and was actively developing it then forking out that entity would have meant jack shit on day one, or two. Yet, here we are, a thousand plus day's in and the better the proposition of forking out the ninjamine by the day.

Let this be a lesson to all the former witnesses to not fuck this up again. Mitigate/eliminate centralized factors as soon as you can.

Yeah, because yeah. It's very easy to hand out lessons in hindsight.


Rentseekers control Steemit

that's it. that's why Dpos... that was known all along... we get crumbs... bitmessage, freenet, zeronet, i2p, bittorent (with out a crypto behind to chain us and kill it)... freedom and liberty.

paul revere didn't asked for money.

that's it. that's why Dpos... that was known all along... we get crumbs...

freedom and liberty.

Freedom ain't free, and here you are, for free, and there are plenty of other places, for free, and guess what, they aren't just free, they actually did far more, they gave out millions. Here you are, with your loon idiot conspiracy .. trailing everything you say but don't conclude. Fuck Paul Revere.

lol, low iq muppet of hell.

Thank you.

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