Dozens arrested for erecting giant cross in Lesbos

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One of the arrested locals says: “It seems that we disturbed a lot of people. The accusations for which we have been arrested are ridiculous. And if they tear it (the cross) down, we’ll raise it again. They have to understand that this is our land, this is our religion and this is our symbol.”


Some locals later demanded the cross be restored, including the right-wing “Free Citizens” party, which argued in a statement last month that the “Syriac mass, which ravages our country’s power, has attained its highest goal: the total destruction and extinction of every Greek and Christian element of our Greek Orthodox culture.”

  • The Greek island, located in the Aegean Sea near the shores of Turkey, became one of the main gateways to Europe when the migrant and refugee crisis erupted to new heights in 2015.

  • Years later, thousands still remain in overcrowded camps.

My Comment: The Voice of Europe incorrectly, in my opinion (and having first-hand knowledge of how the Greek people think) claim the cross is placed for the purpose of frightening away moslem invaders. The cross has never frightened ANY moslem, throughout their history. This is only an argument put forward by the Globalist Commies who want to destroy Greece and all of Europe (and of course the rest of the world).

So as to provide you with a link to the source, I have to place it as it is written by them, but I suggest you mentally delete what you have to use:

(see what I mean? They claim to be part of the alt news and that they tell the truth, but the orgs helping, and being paid by Israel, to fill Greece with moslems are it makes me wonder about the news site. Luckily we are still free to 'wonder'....)

Αλέξανδρος Ζήνον Ευσταθίου
(Alexander Zenon Eustace)

7th March, 2019

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Just in case anyone has NOT read this news, here is the article I mentioned about Israel paying the ngos and other orgs (manned by Jews) to fill Greece with moslems:

Thanks for the post Arthur. It's incredible to me the number of anti-Christian actions are taken place around the world. And at the same time, the amount of people with arms wide open for inclusion of muslims. If Christianity is killed and the Muslim religion is supported, God help us all.


Even those few parts of the world where they are aware and are fighting back (Hungary for instance), with the money the globalists can pour in to stir up those who only care about today, Christians and conservatives have to keep fighting.

By the way, I also see it as the duty and self-interest of atheists to stand by the Christians, for Christians do not persecute them; let the moslems take over and they and their beloved LGBT brothers will soon be dead.

I see you mention them as the muslims. I refuse to use that word. Originally they were known as moslems. the moslems themselves name their scholars and wise men (imams and that kind of destroyer) muslims. Over the last 20 to 30 years they have been pushing for us to show respect to camel piss drinkers by calling them muslims. When I see a moslem fighting against the extremists and trying to change their people, to civilise them, that person I might call a muslim - otherwise No, no signs of respect to child-f*krs and murderers.

Using names of respect gives your subconscious a message, which is the opposite of what you should be teaching it.

These things happen everywhere including in vandalising churches. These are no refugees.

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You are right. They are an army sent to destroy us. The worst of it? They were not just 'sent', they were 'brought' by our own governments and we happily play along and pay taxes so that they can waste most of it on them, while allowing our own less well off to suffer poverty and hunger.

I wish somebody could invent a spray that would turn sheeple into wolves. For instance, they want to kick out a pensioner from his apartment so as to give it to invaders? Burn down the entire building. Burn down a hundred and they'll think twice before doing that to their own people. Also, with each apartment, burn down the house of the councillor who proposed taking the apartment from our pensioner. People say, but yes, we'll have to pay for them to build a new home. And so? Homes are more than just a building. They usually hold most of what we our memories. Lose all family photos. Lose any art you loved and bought. Have your kids lose all they love. We can exact a price for their betrayals of us, but, as I said, most are still sheeple.

People should be able to practice their religion, but remember what Muslims are doing is exactly what Christians did before. The people conquered by Christianity are now defending it as their own. Ask yourself how did you land become Christian. I’m sure it was not a friendly conversation. All Abrahamic religions seek to control people. Return to your native traditions. That is what will save Europe.