The Region's Biggest Hypocrite: Recep Tayeb Erdogan

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This is the Turkish leader Erdogan, the absolute radical dictator in a once leading strict secular democracy that its strict secular and democratic nature was protected by NATO's second largest army: the Turkish Army.

Now the Turkish Army is just a mass source of cannon fodders used by this criminal enemy of Islam thug who sends them into Syria, Libya, Qatar and elsewhere to protect his al-Qaeda terrorists to serve his real bosses.

I highly advise you to check this post on our friend @arabisouri's site: Erdogan, the Tool in the Hands of the Zionists

Cartoon by Carlos Lattuf, source: New Syria FB Page


he is evil war criminal with so much blood of innocent people on his hands

He's a disgusting anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood criminal. Thanks for the mention and link to my site, appreciate your work.