Clear treason & sedition being reported by American Inteligence Media / What do you think?

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Anonymous Patriots  August 11, 20187:43 am Truth News Headlines August 11, 2018 American Intelligence Media Citizens Addicted to Truth has a very interesting article. One that is really claiming treason by a senator. See screen shot below:

Photo Source : American Intelligence Media

The relevant Law of the land that is being unfaithfully discharged and lacks true faith and allegence to is the First Amendment of the Bill Of Rights.

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

One can easily see that this Senator is a oath breaker with the below screen shot from a very reputable school of law.

Screen Shot Source : Cornell Law School / Legal Information Institute

Screenshot_2018-08-15 5 U S Code § 3331 - Oath of office.png

Links reproduced from the website.

uniformed services


(Pub. L. 89–554, Sept. 6, 1966, 80 Stat. 424.)

It seems to me that President Trump could see to it that this volunteer be brought up on charges ASAP.

Source : American Intelligence Media


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Hmm... it's tough to say. The jury is still out as to whether or not these sites are private property or a public commons of sorts. I don't like the banning of websites by the tech titans either. In this particular tweet, Murphy is demonstrating that his perspective is that these websites are not the government and that they are private property. If that is the case, they have every right to discriminate. Calling on private institutions to use their free speech to ban certain behavior on their private property is not quite the same as 'making a law' forcing them to. I don't think it's Treason yet, at some point small companies can grow large enough to be considered by the system to be public utilities. Until that is clearly established by the courts, I say let the free market sort them out. If they are under poor leadership who would be unamerican enough (in spirit) to engage in this type of behavior then they need to be punished economically. Maybe a boycott needs to be orchestrated so that people en masse close their accounts just prior to the next business quarter reports that they have to share with their stockholders. If the stockholders see a mass exodus, they'll have to either choose new leadership or fail in the marketplace.

Read, then verify and confirm the claims made in the following PDF. Than see if your jury is still out.

Of course you don't have too. You are right to if they were private, but they are not. They were all bought and paid for by our tax dollars. The truth however gets worse then that when you follow the money and realize that it is the Agencies who own these so called private business. Most of that information is in the PDF.

I don't know if I want to read a 620-page document to answer just a couple of questions, so maybe if it's cool with you I could ask you? Does private property exist in America? If someone comes into your home and is disagreeable with you or the way that you run your property or business do they have the right to stay there and freely speak if you want them gone? I think with a private property we need to respect the rights of even the most obnoxious property owners if we should expect our own property rights to be observed.

Also, user agreements are contract law and contract law is enforceable. When someone shows up to a rollerskating rink with ice skates it will not fly, yet when someone owns an ice skating rink and requires people to bring their roller skates, then those bastards simply need to fail in the marketplace, that's just one man's opinion on the matter. Or in short, when in America be favorable to free speech or suffer the potential consequences of limited business. I think the same should be true for racist fucks who would disallow someone service based on the color of their skin. Those businesses should simply be allowed to fail and they would fail if the government allowed them to as opposed to mandating compliance.

There would be a lot less bullshit if everyone were doing everything voluntarily. The bus boycotts in Alabama was a good example. If a business is going to mistreat its customers it behooves the customers to exercise some responsibility in their consumerism should they want a change to come. This is the real meaning of protest, not the organized LARPING bullshit that is happening in America today. They are protesting against nothing because no corporation is paying a price. If you want a corporation to start paying the price, you have to hit them where it hurts, in the pocketbook.

This being the case for me too.

"I don't know if I want to read a 620-page"

I didn't, but I did read around 100 pages and in those pages is the answer that these people who are censoring the American people are not private. So all of the questions "do you have the right as a private concern" is really moot, even though I agree with most of your assertions regarding rights of ownership.

"Also, user agreements are contract law and contract law is enforceable."

So is the constitution a contract and if your doing business on the land your subject to it's law by agreement of doing that business. The fact that by virtue of you being on the land you are also a beneficiary is icing for all businesses. The fact that the Agencies are censoring the American Public against that contract is what We The People should be concerned with. Private business is not the concern here.

"There would be a lot less bullshit if everyone were doing everything voluntarily."

I agree with the above statement and will take it one further. There would be a lot less bullshit if people would stop thinking that there is such a thing as authority over us. There is only one law everyone is bound too. "Harm No One". If people would simply hold the living beings accountable to that one law regardless of the costume they are wearing life on Earth would resemble more like existence in heaven.

I also agree that the protest is best expressed by not supporting the Corporations that are creating the contract bullshit. In fact right now more than 60 % of corporations are in contract with the US Federal Government making them employee's of the Federal Government on the sly. Thus they to are not private and must follow the constitution in there practices.

You could look up grants that funded Corporations like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram and many other social media and realize by that alone they are not private, but Government Agencies on the sly. Which is the point the PDF would answer for you and is why I shared it.

Thanks for your comment!

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