Storekeepers Scanning Your Skin Temperature. Don't you feel like a bar code?

2020 will for sure enter the history as black swan year, and the year we saw our fundamental rights being stolen right before our eyes, and practically doing almost nothing towards protecting our rights. There have been bigger and more violent protests in the USA over the murder of that poor man by the dumb and draconian police officer than against the Corona abuses.

I am not trying to ignite any sort of rage or trying to start a small riot online but, don't you feel odd being scanned at the entrance of a supermarket by a storekeeper, to check your temperature? What are we animals, do be scanned as such? And how come storekeepers and other non medical stuff are entitled to check my temperature and yours on a daily basis.


The reasoning behind this psychological technique, because you will see it's just a manipulative technique, is to detect potential corona virus suspects, as they claim a high body temperature might be a major symptom for the ones being infected with this virus. Another question that arises is: if you have a higher than normal temperature would you feel good enough to go to work, or buy groceries?... Wouldn't you stay inside or go to a doc...

I mean that's what I'd do and probably the majority of us but, all this pandemic is not about the damn virus at all, as some of you have already realized. Even if the numbers were to be real, this COVID-19 is probably still quite harmless compared to the regular flu. It's not worth diving again into the manipulation of the infection and death numbers that the WHO serves us because I can't prove them they're fake and neither can they prove me they're valid.

What I believe this scanning for temperature absurd trend is actually intended for, is to make us feel comfortable around such scanners, and to gradually introduce the idea of being scanned and becoming a bar code, and abide to it several times a day. That's what the agenda behind it is all about, and I'll tell you where my reasoning comes from.


I've been reading and watching conspiracy material, as some are labeling it, about the human race being at some point micro chipped and tagged, pretty much like animals are, for almost two decades, and if we were to consider that these microchips will contain our finances and personal data, and implanted under our skin, they have to be scanned to read that data, and to make the payments or conduct any sort of transactions or identification methods possible. Simply carrying them around wouldn't make sense.

Hence the scanner shall be mandatory but, you can't simply serve 7 billion people a tiny chip and insert it under their skin, and introduce the scanners for reading that data over night. It would be too aggressive. Hence you need to prepare the human mind for such a reality, to give it reasoning, incentives, and a purpose.

Bottom line, I consider that all this temperature scanners masquerade that store keepers are threatening us with are just a psychological exercise to make us accept the RFID scanner and the damn chips as a permanent reality, in the not so far away future... What's your take though, how do you feel about being scanned for temperature at the entrance of most of the supermarkets and other closed locations? Would you feel OK wearing a chip with your finances and personal data stored on it?

Thanks for attention,


What's your take though, how do you feel about being scanned for temperature at the entrance of most of the supermarkets and other closed locations?

Really annoying!