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Dogs have always been the best choice for humans to raise animals for purposes such as hunting, guarding and towing ice carts. What distinguishes these animals is the fulfillment, scientifically the ability of dogs to remember their owner even after a long time of not seeing him.

There are several types of dogs vary depending on the environment in which they live and place and method of breeding and even in terms of genetic means that there are dogs come through the mention of the wolf and the female dog and combines the strength of the wolf and his breast and dog loyalty. The most important of these types are possible to mention these dogs is an American dog Stav American Staffordshire Terrier

This type of dog is characterized by loyalty and loyalty and is reliable in security and guard, and also has the strength and fitness, and needs a lot of patience in training and socialization early in the young


 The most important information about the dogs Stave American

country the emergence of quality dogs Stave America: United States of America and his fame Amstaff, calculated the average age is about 13 years old and weighed according to sex , the male weighing up between 20 kg to 30 kg The female between 17 kg to 30 kg.
He has short, short hair and long hair. His lips are not loose and his shape is adjacent to the mouth. His neck is curved and slightly bent over the withers.
 What are the colors of dogs Staf America?
1 - dark red color 
2 - black color 
3 - the color of the deer 
4 - brown scheme 
5 - white and there are many different degrees.

Should take caution when dealing with this type of dogs, although they are characterized by loyalty and is considered an emotional strain, but it is very fierce and has been prevented from tiring in the statement of the General Writer of the club taming dogs Bouskra, and comes the procedure to the seriousness of these dogs and their aggression and cruelty, It is recommended that these dogs always remain among human beings and not neglect them, and always take care, love and tenderness to remain healthy and friendly to man. When left alone and neglected, these dogs tend to be aggressive and cause very serious behavioral problems. Especially if these dogs feel threatened by another animal.

 The difference between dogs and peppers and American Staf dogs 

The dogs of the peppers and the dogs of the staph are all the result of hybridization of different types of dogs, but there are minor differences can be summarized as follows:
1 - Dogs used peppers in hunting and guarding and dog fighting, unlike dogs Alsataf characterized by loyalty and used in the custody and security.
2-hand adaptability American American staple has the ability to adapt and responds to change its environment on its own.
3 - Training peppers dogs much easier than training American Staf dogs that need a lot of patience and perseverance
4 - Dogs peppercorns always falling hair so those who do not prefer the fall of dog hair in their homes always buy other dogs other
5 - In terms of treatment with children can be considered both dogs peppers and American dogs Staaf good dealing with children and can be raised within the family to become their pet.
6 - Dogs differ from peat dogs Stav in shape, color and body and can illustrate this through the images
This picture shows the American Staffordshire Terrier we were talking about from the start 


 As for the dogs Albtbol can be illustrated different shape from the picture below 


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