Laptop of the future?

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  Though the destination is different, but the smartphone and laptops are moving in the equator. Smartphones are advanced and the goal of laptops is to eliminate It's a matter of fact, the laptop works well on the smartphone, why not just carry two devices? But Intel has different ideas. In the computational fair this year, the company showed a two-screen laptop computer (or notebook?). Intel says, 'the future of laptops'.

The 7-inch screen on the side of Windows 7 runs in Windows 7. The curtains on the other side But if you want to write it like a notebook style, you can type it like a keyboard. If you want to do it again together, all of them are on top of the touchscreen. After finishing the work, it can be folded like a notebook.
Intel has not disclosed any plan to deal with a commercial or a deal with a partner. There are still concepts in concept. Taiwan has made experimental versions for the computational fair. Pseudonym 'Tiger Rapids'.

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