Kim can invite Trump to America

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Kim can invite Trump to America


If all is well, US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will sit in the meeting. The historic meeting of Singapore is scheduled for June 12. If the talks are correct, then President Kim Trimpe can invite Kim Jong-un to visit the United States. The US media has given this information in a CNN report.

President Trump said at a press conference on Thursday, "Yes ... it is possible if the talks are correct." Japanese Prime Minister Shin Joe Abe is in the United States to discuss next week's trump-Kim meeting. The US president attended a press conference with Shin Joe Abbe. At that time, Trump answered the questions of reporters about the meeting held in Singapore. Responding to a question, Trump said that Kim would be invited to visit the United States when the talks were positive.
Trump is dreaming of a normal relationship between the two countries when signing the contract with Kim. President Trump said, 'Hopefully this will be normal between the two countries when everything is finely finished. We really want the relationship to be normal.

If talks are successful, the United States, China, Japan and South Korea will help the North Korean economic development, Trump commented.
On the letter sent by Kim, Trump said that the letter was very interesting and beautiful. But there was not much that was written in it.

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