Let us know about Ganesh Chaturthi An indian festival !!

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There are many festivals in india but, Ganesh chaturthi is one of the most loved festival in india , let us know some why in the below articles

1. Ganesha is the festival of hindus in india but it is celeberated by many religion for instance Muslim brother with love and happiness.

2. There are more than 4000 gods of hindus in india. . But ganesha is worshipped first of all.. Want to know why? read the next line.

3. once Ganesha god's mother was having bath, so she told ganesh that not to let anyone in till i bath. ' He said okay mother'
But after few minutes his father came and tell him that let me go in. I am your dad, but still ganesha didn't let him get in...... So shiv mahakal got very angry on ganesha , so he chopped his head, after few minutes ganesha mother cane from bath and sees that her son in dead and his head is seperated frim his body,

Now she gets very angry, by her very angry face. Now she had decided to kill the world.... So every other god, convince Mahakal shiv ji to do something, so shiv ji said,
Okay which ever thing i find first it will be his head.

And finally ganesha got elephants face... And all god said.. To ganesha and her mother, that you(Ganesja) will be worshipped first...

So this is the short short real fact of ganesha chaturthi.

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