World tobacco day's slogans

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We all know how bad it is for Tobacco food health. Tobacco can be a day to our lives too. Tobacco is a very bad addiction that we have to leave. 31st May (31st May) is celebrated as World No Tobacco Day throughout the world . On this occasion we will read some slogans - Anti Tobacco Sogans .images.jpeg

Anti tobacco slogans

¶ Tobacco Who Hugs He called to death.
¶ Tambaku's addiction The plight of precious life
¶ Life is a pain in the womb. The pain of society is the odd The heat is in the womb. That's why stay away from the ocean.
¶ The execution of Tambakhu's death sentence.
¶ Do not turn away from good works. Quit smoking habit
¶ Tobacco that will chew, life will also grow.
¶ Tobacco habit, i.e. cancer treat
¶ Exclude tobacco, eat apple pomegranate, dream to achieve age, it is possible.
¶ Who would do the tobacco addiction, the plight of his priceless life?
¶ From alcohol to poverty and tobacco to the glory, their brother will not stay away from your welfare.
¶ Eating tobacco will be the result of death
¶ Drink alcohol, poverty comes in poverty and disease from tobacco, do not look away from them.
¶ You eat tobacco, and later you eat tobacco cancer.


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