Some interesting points of South Korea. Interesting Facts about South Korea

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South Korea is famous for civilization and technology, and there are some interesting things that we have brought for you today, which will cause your senses to be read, let's know some interesting points of South Korea - Interesting Facts about South Korea

Some interesting points from South Korea - Interesting Facts about South Korea

  1. South Koreans consider the number 4 as ill-fated and according to that the number is linked to death. It is believed that the rumor came from China to South Korea.

  2. Newborn infants in Korea are treated as 1 year at birth.

  3. Men of South Korea like to make makeup, they spend around $ 900 million in the year, and this figure is 25% of the cost of makeup used by men in the world. According to experts, more than 20% of Korean men use everyday makeup.

  4. In South Korea, it is legal to drink alcohol at public places. People can drink comfortably by taking their favorite alcohol to the public places.

  5. Only 3.2% of Korean people have more weight, which is equivalent to Japan in the list of countries with the least fat people.

  6. When the name of the Korean person is written with red ink, then it is believed that the person is going to die and either he is dead.

  7. The South Korean people believe that leaving the fan continued overnight, the person sleeping below dies.

  8. The color of the taxis of South Korea is determined according to the facilities provided by them. The gray and white cars will have simple cars, which can be without a driver with experience, while the black car is equipped with convenience, which has an experienced driver.

  9. Microchip of Apple's iPhone makes Samsung South Korean company only.

  10. In Tokyo, as well as in the Solilitas, there is a shortest time compared to any city in the world, people who sleep there also live for 6 hours.

  11. Harvesting (harvesting) is done in South Korea, 90% of the worldwide seaweed consumption.

  12. All South Korean roofs are finally smiled.

  13. South Korea's market is the largest in the world in the case of Duper Capita plastic surgery. According to sources, 1/5 to 1/3 of women in Seoul also have some type of cosmetic surgery in their life.

  14. Group Blind Dating is called "meeting" in South Korea and it is quite famous among young university students, it is often used for dinner or drinks.

  15. The South Korean people like to show their connections in public places. In South Korea, we often see couples doing public at public places.

  16. People in South Korea are given birth after the birth of their blood group, it was first started in Japan, but now it has become the main rule of South Korean culture and on this basis it may also be It is decided who will marry whom.

  17. South Korean people like sweet potatoes, so most of the dishes here are used sweet potatoes. Here you will find sweet potatoes in main course, dessert, chips, bread, salad and pizza.

  18. In 2012, the Pohang city prison in South Korea became the home of the world's first robotic prison guard. Also in this country, the robot has been used in Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and as a teacher between North and South Korea.

  19. Jeju is the largest island in South Korea and on this very large stone known as old Dada was found. Newly married women believe that if they touch the giant nose of this huge stone, they get the blessing of reproduction. Surgery of eyelashes is one of the most common surgeries performed in South Korea. Many south Korean rich young people make it as a gift to make their eyes look more beautiful on their 16th birthday.

  20. Crane, is considered a sign of good luck in South Korea. A crane with a red crown can stand up to 5 feet.

  21. According to the South Korean National Information Agency, 14% of the people between 9 to 12 years of age have internet addiction. As a result, South Korea has passed the law of shutdown aka Cinderella in 2011, due to which the game sites have been banned for children under the age of 16 years.

  22. Since 2011, South Korea is at the top of the country using the highest credit card worldwide, where every person had 129.7 transactions in that year, whereas in the US it was 77.9 per person per person.

  23. The word Hallyu (Korean wave) is used for the South Korean famous wave. When President Obama came to visit South Korea on March 2012, he referred to this word only.


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