Smartphones can give you these diseases, learn about it

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In the time we are living today, new techniques are being born in every day. Some time ago our basic needs used to be roti cloths and houses, but now many things like TV, freeze, AC and smartphones have been added in our lives. Of all these things, the smartphone is of great importance in our lives . This is something that lives with all of us while sleeping with us. Today, people's dependence on smartphones has increased so much that they can not live without it. At present, keeping small children from older children to older ones. It has become the basis of everyone's life but it can also give you many types of diseases . Today we are giving you information about this. Let's know about this.

1 - Bacteria make ill

There are many bacteria on our mobile phone screen, which we can not see with our eyes. But when we use our phones, they reach our body with the help of our hands. In this way, they enter our body and give us many kinds of diseases. Many times, due to the effect of these, we get skin related problems such as allergies etc. Sometimes, they also become the cause of other serious problem.

2 - mental problems with radiation

Radiation emerging from our phone can cause us many mental problems. Because of this you can not only have a headache but can also weaken your memory. When we sleep, keep our phone under the pillow or anywhere around the head. In such a way, radiation has a profound adverse effect on our brain, which makes us a victim of many mental problems.

3 - Neck problem

If you use more of the technical gadgets like Mobile and TAB, you may have a problem of "text good". This word came in 2008. When you use a lot of things like mobile then due to the wrong poser, you get more pressure on your neck bone and spinal cord, which makes you bone problematic. Thus, using more mobile becomes harmful to you.

4 - Loss of eyes

The light of the mobile phone screen has a lot of side effect on your eyes. Its light and font size will have a direct negative effect on your eyes. Because of this, there is a complaint of burning and pain in your eyes. In this way, the smartphone can infect you with a variety of problems. It is good that you use it carefully
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