Interesting Fact about Animals

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Friends, millions of species of animals are found in the world, many of which we will not even know. And there will be many addresses. Those who are often seen around us or through somebody we see and hear them. But do we know everything about the genes we know about them? Let's see some interesting facts about animals - Interesting Fact about Animals, which you will be surprised by reading.
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  1. If a cat is given chocolate then it can also be killed.

  2. If a dog is tested in IQ, then almost any 3 year old child can be so intelligent.

  3. If the snake is given milk, then its lungs can be infected with its infection.

  4. The elephant life span is spread over an average of 75 years.

  5. Lion roar can also be heard about 9 to 10 kilometers.

  6. Cats and dogs are also right or left handed like human beings.

  7. A young lion can also run at a speed of 100 kilometers.

  8. At one time a camel can drink up to 125 liters of water.

  9. There are no lungs in the body of the ants to breathe.

  10. Sap can sleep in deep sleep for 3-4 years continuously.

  11. In the early days when the crane was not there, the elephants used to work a lot.

  12. DNA of tigers and cats is approximately 90% identical.

  13. Pussy mites flashing in the dark darkness

  14. Tigers weigh about 200 to 300 kilograms. Some tigers can be more than that.

  15. The hearing capacity of the elephant is low. However their ears are very big.

  16. Female rat can produce more than 1500 children in a year.

  17. The snake bites only when they are tricked by mistake or deliberately.

  18. Tigers are considered the most powerful animals in the animal kingdom.

  19. As the fingerprint of humans we have different stripes of tiger body.

  20. About 1 lakh people die every year due to snake bite.

  21. DNA of wolf and dogs also gets 90%.

  22. We humans like dogs also suffer from the problem of obesity.

  23. Khargos can run at roughly 70 kilometers per hour.

  24. Superstitious beliefs related to cats are found only in most of India.

  25. Dogs of some species also stand on their feet and pee.
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